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Rank System


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What all are the ranks along with post requirements to get a new rank/group icon?

For example:

0-9 - noob

10-99 Junior

etc, etc...

Edit: Forgot to say why I ask. I'm asking cause people change their ranks almost as soon as they get the ability and you can't really find what the ranks and group icons are. :)

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I think the top limit should be something lower, such as 500, so people don't go on a posting spree to get higher posts. Some people on the forums average ~5 posts per day with posts such as "I agree" or "Thanks". One has even made it to the top 20 posters :D. If we lower the limits, then logically there will be less spammers.

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there are not many spammers in this community.

maybe in the nlite forum there are bc when there is a new release there are many ppl saying "nlite's the best, yiey, thanks nuhi, etc." sort of stuff but other than that ppl thank when a usefull answer is given..

to me member group is useless. post count pretty much says it all

u can change the title anyhow..

if u feel like u're MSFN Junkie type that in the title..

but current ranking is fine by me...

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I second that - we NEED a ranking system.

It encourages people to post, which is necessary to keep the board active.

The current system is good - people try to make useful posts to reach their next star.... And the spammers just get bored soon anyway - its not easy to spam on a tech-stuff forum. ;)

Yes, posting more does not fetch a reward for the person - but it helps to keep the forum fresh & new.

And rarely, when some people do go on a posting spree, we can manage it anyways! :)

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Removing the system would be bad, as there would be no easy way for us to tell if some noob who hadn't contributed anything to the community just takes advantage of the forums.

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erm there is post count which is statistical version of the title bar.

name changes as the post count increases also the pip's increase..

a reputation system would only be able to show users contribution or the rating or something. but i'm tottaly agains the rep system..it starts war and people start begging for rep.

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I'd suggest that:

MSFN Expert

should be renamed to something else other than Expert (for those who didn't know they can change the title). I've seen members here who have >1000 posts and yet don't appear to be real "experts".

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keep post count but other than that i dont care. post count can give ppl authority. if someone like xper who has 9700 post has 1 solution to your question and someone with 5 posts has another solution, then you would prolly go with xper.

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