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What do you pay for your internet?


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My ISP is planet it gives me unlimited downloads / no limit with a

download connection speed of 12 MBit

upload connection speed of 1MBit

It costs € 46.00 per month for my ISP and € 70.00 per 2 months for the telecom company so that's € 81.00 per month for my basic internet acces, not including usenet acounts.

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I pay $360/month for room, board, utilities and INTERNET!!!

Connection? No idea (I think T3 or something like that).

Download speed = seen as high as 876kb/s.

Upload speed = seen as high as 561kb/s.

Got to love university and living in the dorms!


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i pay us$50 a month for a 256k adsl line (cable and wireless, dominica, west indies), max d/l 32 kbs, max up 12kbs...i really can't complain, as i live in the back end of nowhere, and there's no download limit (why should there be at my speed....?) i could pay us$300/month for a 1mbs line, but i think not.. :P

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