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  1. My ISP is planet it gives me unlimited downloads / no limit with a download connection speed of 12 MBit upload connection speed of 1MBit It costs € 46.00 per month for my ISP and € 70.00 per 2 months for the telecom company so that's € 81.00 per month for my basic internet acces, not including usenet acounts.
  2. i had 4 cuz' i knew there was a catch, but 6???
  3. Binary; 01001101 01111001 01101110 01100001 01110100 01101001 01110110 01100101 01110100 01101111 01101110 01100111 01110101 01100101 01101001 01110011 01000100 01110101 01110100 01100011 01101000 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hex and Octal are no problem too. I also speak English, french, german, a little bit of spanish and i know a few words in latin. And of course programming languages, html, java, xml, flash actionscript, php etc. I am what u call "multi-Lingual"
  4. phyxsius means "ready to fly" Latin is one of the most beautifull languages in the world besides french and spanish. I have had different handles/nicks my first nick was "smile" and the second was "soulja" but then i started using names with an "X" or a "Z" so then i used "xaero". I still use it but for different purposes.. By the time i became a digital artist i created a piece that i wanted to call "ready to fly" but then i started using latin for my art and i ended up with my nickname phyxsius because i wanted to refer to my first digital piece and reminding myself that whatever happens in life always be ready to fly (be ready to deal with things that you weren't ready for, but willing to except and take it as it is) like when people say: "go with the flow".
  5. I think so too prathapml, there's a lot of good info here. grtz phyxsius or p|-|%)($15$
  6. click me! picture: phyxsius. w00t! who's next?
  7. if you place your cursor over an image, a little toolbar pops up, press save and voila! you bored an image. if you would place your images in flash, any way you like (viewer, movie etc.) then the pop up won't work + you can't right-click on an image an choose save as since it is a .swf
  8. ALT+TAB is something inherent to the Windows Operating System and is completely out of reach for JavaScript or any other scripting language (and even any programming language as far as I remember). there is a way however to return a message to the user when he presses a key when you don't want him to do that <script text="textjavascript"> function detect() { var pressKey = String.fromCharCode(event.keyCode); if (event.altKey) { alert('hello realguru'); } }; </script> <body onkeydown="detect()"> Just detect the onKeyDown event and look for the keycode (event.keycode) or (event.altKey) and either process a return value of false .. or remap the key to some other key. This is just a scribble, and wouldnt work in NN, or maybe even mozilla firefox because those browsers require a convoluted script to trap and process the onkeydown event. too tired now to even explain that I can't think of one good reason for disabling that key
  9. i'm gonna go with zivan56 the slashes are wrong <img src="images/index_02.gif"> try using slashes instead of backslashes and you'll see; it works perfectly!!!
  10. Hello everyone name: phyxsius age: 21 years old Location: The Netherlands birthday: November 5th 1983 place of birth: Rotterdam software: Microsoft windows xp professional sp2 Microsoft virtual pc 2004 Norton internet security 2005 Adobe CS (Acrobat, Photoshop, illustrator, GoLive, InDesign, Version Cue) Ahead Nero 6.6 Ultra Edition Cyberlink PowerDVD 6 Deluxe AutoCAD 2005 (also 2004 version) Visual Studio 2005 beta Macromedia Studio MX (flash, fireworks etc.) interests: check the above list of software, that pretty much gives you an idea of what i do all day sitting behind my desktop PC. Other things: I like to spend a lot of time on are creating my unattended xp cd/dvd including silent installations, hack/modify various files, create images from webcontent (logo's etc.) to wallpapers, design webpages using languages such as; html, java, javascript, css, xml, flash, flash actionscript, php. I am very interested in visual basic but that's still a though cookie to crack. I hope to spend a great deal of time here at msfn forum, so you will be hearing more from me. well enough about me, who are you

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