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  1. Thanks for the replies. As I suspected, it is really just a matter of whether I want the home-frills, or the 'pro-tools'... I would like to get Ultimate, but it costs about $160 to upgrade, and I can't really see the advantage over Enterprise if I don't use media centre etc. Thanks again gotenks98 and crahak
  2. I have a new laptop with a dual core processor and 4GB of ram, so I want to install a 64 bit version of Vista. I can get all the drivers for 64 bit and I want to use this laptop to play with 64 bit, so this is not a question about whether or not I need 64 bit over 32 bit I can either install the 64 bit version of Home Premium Vista or the 64 bit version of Vista Enterprise. I have been using the 32 bit version of Enterprise on my current laptop for nearly two years. A friend told me that the Enterprise version was better optimized than Home Premium. I was wondering whether there is, in fact, any truth to this? Is the Enterprise version better than the Home Premium version? I do not use Media Centre or Moviemaker. Opinions would be welcome. thanks
  3. Business edition comes with all the games, they are just turned off. You need to goto Control Panel - Programs - Turn Window Features On/Off, then select components from there. You need to have Administrator privileges.
  4. liquidguru

    About Vista SP1

    Vista Business and Enterprise have already been released with SP1 integrated on the Volume Licensing program. Both were available at the same time as the released the SP1 stand-alone update. As I couldn't just run the stand-alone SP1 update on my present vlited setup, I'm not sure I will vlite the integrated SP1, as I do not want to run into the same problem of being unable to install future Window Vista updates.
  5. Me too This Microsoft link has Enterprise
  6. This is a shame. High server load due to popularity? I see that you have left up the technology feed. Maybe a more useful feed would be Most Recent Posts.
  7. What program did you make the video with? The easiest option is probably to re-export your video using better export options, i.e. smaller dimensions, better compression (there is usually an option to export to web, which will take care of everything for you)
  8. try right-clicking on the start menu, click 'customize' then hit the 'use default settings' button...that should reset it to normal
  9. You could use a piece of software called 'AutoPlay Media Studio', which would enable you to create your own video player (using WMP source) however you wanted it to look, scrolling message, logos, whatever. You can use this software to make a standalone .exe file with the video etc embedded. Might work for you. Link
  10. I've been using VSO Image Resizer for a while now. It's free and it works great with Vista VSO Link Hope this helps
  11. i've had a similar intermittent problem with my dell laptop...vista seems to recognise my mic, but skype can't hear me...i found that i had to uninstall my sigmatel audio drivers, then re-installed them to get my mic to work properly..this happened twice to me for no apparent reason...both times fixed with the uninstall/re-install..i have a vlited install of vista, but i don't think this is the problem, as i only removed language, media centre and tablet stuff, and skype worked fine for the first couple of weeks
  12. install MR Tech Local Install link in the options, go to Manager Hacks - Behaviour then set 'Select window target' to 'new tab' should be good to go
  13. i use Skype to transfer files between my two laptops, using my Linksys router....i too found Windows file sharing very difficult to set up (i have XP Home) and to keep running, plus i don't like to have file sharing active on my system... if i have multiple files to transfer, i just use Winrar to consolidate them, then send the RAR file to my other skype account on the other laptop...i get speeds that are fast enough for me, and i don't have tro activate any services i dont like...
  14. a five second google search would give you link then setup filters in gmail to move the emails where you want them
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