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Merge Office Products


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I have the following CDs of Office 2003:

CD 1: Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, InfoPath, PowerPoint, Publisher)

CD 2: FrontPage

CD 3: OneNote

CD 4: Visio Professional

CD 5: Project Professional

Is there any possibility to merge all installations (one Installer lets you install everything), integrate SP2 and burn a DVD? Since all of them use the same Installer, that should be possible, isn't it?



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I'm sure it is. I use 3 CD's, one for Office, one for Project, and one for Visio. I chain the SP's (See MS website and search for chaining updates) to allow for regular updating (instead of administrative updates w\slipstreaming). Each CD autoruns and does a silent install with SP2. I have used WPI (see unattended windows or user created projects forums) as a nice interface for installing multiple programs from a CD and DVD. It is very customizable to allow multiple installation versions, etc. and the interface is easy to use. Just check what you want installed and sit back and watch (assuming you have created silent installs!). It takes a little while to set it all up, but once you do it once, changing it for new versions or updates is quite simple. Give it a look!

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  • 1 month later...

I don't suppose anyone has found this 'elusive' post that WAR was refering to?

I'm still searching the 2,290 posts that came up in my search.

If I find it I will post a link, if someone else does or has learnt how to do this, please help us.

After all, that is what forums are engineered for.

Edit: You guys may want to read this post....


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I realy have no idea about how this would be dnone best, BUT,

if i had to build sucht a cdrom, i would do the folowing.

A: Create administrative installe point. and update to the laste service pack for office

B: Create office auto installer (*.mst files) per component like: word.mst exel.mst access.mst onenote.mst etc.

C: Use office shrink proccess to create install sources for all the compoments. your going to use.

(but dont 7zip them like proposes in the tutorial).

D: Coppy all the install sources to a new folder (either, to the same or to a supfolder)


--- [word]
> [i]word.mst setup.exe word.*[/i]
--- [exel]
> [i]exel.mst setup.exe exel.* [/i]

or even

> [i]word.mst exel.mst setup.exe word.* exel.*[/i] etc.

Just depends on what you want.

E: As a last step just create a front end for your cdrom,

either with a HTA (hypertext aplication (OOBE))

but for this id rather recomand Wait

note: wait is a project that once came forth from the msfn forums but seams to be abandonware,

im not the author, i dont have the source code and cant, n'or will be able to support, or fix buggs for wait.

(if it doesn't work dont use it).

wait was build by: bryanh

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Thanks for the useless response war!!!!!!!

How about helping a fellow forum member....links, article #

Before making stupid and rude replies to other people's, why not take a look at the rules?

This community is built upon mutual respect. You are not allowed to flame other members. People who do not respect personal opinions and/or personal work will be warned in first instance. If you ignore the warning and keep on flaming, you will be banned without notice.

war59312's response was perfectly valid. I myself have seen this question answered many times. You'll be surprised at what you can find if you just search the forums! ;)

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