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Solution for multibooting Win XP/2k3 64-Bit, Win2k3 SP1, WinPE 2004


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General Question with the xp64 dat file.

do you have to change both the I386 part to XP64 and the AMD64 to PRO64?

or does only the I386 need to be changed or only the AMD64 part?

ive got the XP64 front boot folder and I386 & AMD64 installation folders in ROOT\XP64

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I have a problem with x64 multiboot install.

I've followed these discussions for a while and built my multiboot dvd. I have a multiboot DVD that installs almost all versions of server OS including x64. The DVD has worked great and had no issues specific to x64 builds until we got some hardware with AMD processors. It boots and complete the text mode install but when it goes into the gui mode setup, it complains it can't find the catalog files at the 39 minute mark(nt5inf.cat, nt5.cat, ntprint.cat, ntiis.cat, ims.cat, wmsoem.cat, iasnt4.cat, wow64.cat, wowlang.cat, mstsweb.cat, oembios.cat, scw.cat) I have to manually point it to the CD folder for each catalog file (i.e. d:\setup\2003x64\sp1\ent\amd64\). Once I do that for all the catalog files, it continues on until about the 12 minute mark and complains it can't find outlook express. I can skip those files and the OS install completes and it will boot into the OS, but it seems WMI doesn't install.

Any ideas? Once again, this only happens during x64 builds on AMD processors, x64 builds on Intel processors, it works flawlessly.

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You can now modify setupldr.bin of the follwing windows:
  • Windows Server 2003 SP1
  • Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
  • Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition
  • Windows PE 2005

The setupldr.bin of the above versions is the same and has a checksum check built-in so when you try to modify it you get:

"NTLDR is corrupt. The system cannot boot."

In order to crack it:

  1. open it with your favorite hex editor
  2. goto hex address: 0x2060
  3. change "74 03" to "EB 1A"
  4. save it

I also uploaded it for your convenience at:

File is now attached so people don't have to wait for a download ~ Alanoll

Now you can replace:

  1. all occurrences of "i386", "I386" to "ABCD" (where ABCD is anything you want - 4 characters long)
  2. "\amd64", "\AMD64" to "\EFGHI" and
  3. "amd64\", "AMD64\" to "EFGHI\" (where EFGHI is anything you want - 5 characters long)

Do not replace all occurrences of "amd64" since some of them refer to a section of txtsetup.sif

In order to find what files need to be copied to the directories ABCD and EFGHI open command prompt, go to the directory you have txtsetup.sif and enter:

type TXTSETUP.SIF | findstr /r ",_[1-9] ,[1-9]_"

and copy the files listed there from I386 to ABCD and AMD64 to EFGHI.

For anyone curious, open the setupldr.bin with hiew, goto the above hex address and see the surrounding assembly code.

This am gonna giv a test....

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first thx for the great job

but i have a problem

i hope anybody can help me !!

i will try to add Microsoft server 2003 enterprise edition and it seems that the setupldr.bin has also checksum check built.

but i didn't know the hex adress and the chances

sorry my english is not the best


i found a solution without cracking the setupldr.bin

you have to make a backup from the bootloader of the cd (with ultraiso,isobuster)

rename this file in " name.dat " name is like you want

then you must replace I386 with your 4 chars folder (1 changes )

now you have to run this in the menu instead of setupldr.bin

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I'm not really understanding this. setupldr.bin is not in the output from txtsetup.sif, along with a few other files. What is different in the process of using this in a multiboot DVD? Do I use two boot folders? I tried that and it didn't work. =(

Edit: Nevermind... I didn't realize there were more pages in this thread. The ad is in the way :P

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I was getting "NTLDR corrupt" please press F3 yada yada,

so I used the cracked setupldr.bin posted here and now I

get "NTDETECT failed", hmmmmmm... do we need a cracked

ntdetect.com file too?!

Using Server 2003 SP1 doing a multi boot OS.

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I was getting "NTLDR corrupt" please press F3 yada yada,

so I used the cracked setupldr.bin posted here and now I

get "NTDETECT failed", hmmmmmm... do we need a cracked

ntdetect.com file too?!

Using Server 2003 SP1 doing a multi boot OS.

Yes LeveL, no LeveL, glad to answer you in 5 months LeveL.

hi, thank you for grate job.

how is it with SP2 for win2k3??


This is exactly why I am posting here again...

1 - I got the (original, from my own CD) setupldr.bin file from Server 2003 SP2.

2 - I opened the file in Hex Workshop and at the address 00002060 I hex

edited the value "7403" so it said "EB1A"

3 - I got the message "NTDETECT Failed"

Since the flyakite guide went down, I am not totally sure I have done it all properly

because I had to do the whole thing off memory but yes, I deleted BOOTSECT.DAT

and migrate.inf from the boot folder.

Whats really annoying me is I made my Server 2003 SP1 multi boot somehow!

Because - it is made, but now SP2 is here I am trying to make one for SP2, and

I have posted above in November 2006 asking this exact same question but lol,

I KNOW I DID FIX IT because I have made a working Server 2003 SP1 multi-boot.

No - the SP1 version of the setupldr.bin won't work, its the 1st thing I tried.

Maybe we need a fresh DAT file for the root of the DVD? Where the hell does

that DAT file come from anyway? I mean the one that has one single reference

to I386 at the very end of it and you change it to your boot folder name... I only

ever got that DAT file from flyakite in the past.

Please, can anyone test Server 2003 SP2 and do the thing mentioned in the first

post to change the hex values? I just need to know its me thats done something

wrong and we're not going to go through all this crap again because its now SP2 :(

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i use this tool to do multi-boot dvd that make it success(XP 64bit)

but when i installing it have error message lot of files can not be copy form DVD

can some one help me ?

Like this














this is my folder setting

d:\Winxp64\ezboot -----Boot Menu file


d:\Winxp64\WIN51 -----copy by tools

d:\Winxp64\WIN51AP-----copy by tools

d:\Winxp64\XP64I.bin---modify by tools

d:\Winxp64\W64I --------------file form d:\Winxp64\XP64\ENG\i386

d:\Winxp64\W64AD --------------file form d:\Winxp64\XP64\ENG\AMD64

d:\Winxp64\XP64\ENG\AMD64 -----copy form XP 64 CD

d:\Winxp64\XP64\ENG\i386 -----copy form XP 64 CD

d:\Winxp64\XP64\ENG\WIN51 -----copy form XP 64 CD

d:\Winxp64\XP64\ENG\WIN51AP-----copy form XP 64

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Anybody know of a cracked version for Vista? I tried to hexedit the file bootmgr (which kind of replaced setupldr.bin or ntldr) but this file has a checksum as well. I would like to point it to different BCD files.

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