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  1. So you can only really have knoppix and one other Linux distro? The person who created knoppix was able to put the distro in its own folder. We should be able to do the same.
  2. You can call the isolinux module. You just use: isolinux <isolinux commands>
  3. If this works well with just isolinux, why doesn't it work with the isolinux in cdshell?
  4. I was able to use the alternate install disk and get into an installer, but it fails at some point. I can't remember the error exactly, but it has to do with the incorrect CD being in the drive. Either it doesn't like the md5sum or it can't find the files.
  5. I'll ask in the freenode ubuntu and kubuntu channels.
  6. http://www.sadyc.net/anyCDintoUBCD.html This looks promising. [Edit] Nevermind... it requires putting the entire Linux disk in the root of the DVD Putting all the files onto the root of the DVD works, but it's not ideal if you want more than one Linux distro. I wonder if you can burn the CD in such a way that a folder will act like root...
  7. I tried this with Kubuntu, and apparently it has a problem mounting the filesystem on the ram drive. It also has a preseed step that your distributions did not have.
  8. Is this method compatible with cdshell with isolinux?
  9. Knoppix should be the same as Ubuntu. They both use ISO linux. What are the steps to get Knoppix to work in its own folder?
  10. There is a good thread with a batch file that will create the boot folder, setupdlr.bin, and configure the other files for you. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=58446
  11. I nlited my images. Be sure that you follow the directions closely. For Windows 2k3, the procedure is different, because the setupdlr.bin has checksums. Look in the stickied thread for info about that. For the nlited OSs, be sure to make the boot folders after you nlited them.
  12. Well, the only solution I could find was to put everything from the CD into the root directory of my AIO DVD. Then I had to use bcdw boot /isolinux/isolinux.bin in order to start Linux. The problem with this, though, is that I can only have one distro on the CD through this method.
  13. I understand what you are saying. I'm not trying to be rude, because I do appreciate your help. What you described is not what I am trying to accomplish.
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