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  1. I'm able to run VB6 apps in WinPE 2005 x86 no problem by adding the required DLL's to the System32 folder. I can't seem to make the VB6 application run in the x64 version of WinPE. Is there any trick to this or is it even possible?
  2. I've created a Multi-Boot DVD as per flyakite's method and for the most part it has been working great. I've recently added an R2 build to my DVD by running setup2 from a run once command. This appeared to work fine, as after the reboot the OS indicates it's R2. My problem is, none of the R2 windows components are available when I do a Add/Remove Windows Components. i.e DFS Management, Print Mangement, Active Directory Services etc are all missing. The Management and monitoring folder should be around 13.5MB is size is only 6.54MB in size. It would seem the new components aren't registering. I believe this has to do more with the underlying Windows 2003 SP1 build than the R2 portion because it only happens when I try to add R2 to an install of Windows 2003 from my Multi-boot DVD. It doesn't seem to matter how I try and install R2 on top of that built, it will never get the components. If I manually build a Windows 2003 SP1 server from the Select CD, then add R2 from the multi-boot DVD, all the R2 components are there. Is there some additional paths that need to be configured in the txtsetup.sif file for this to work? I'm stumped.
  3. I've tried this with limited success. Copied the CMPNENTS folder structure from disk 2 to the same level as the 386 on my Multiboot DVD and changed the product code as suggested, but it asks for the second CD. I have to manually repoint it to the location. Any other settings that need to be done, or does this not work with multiboot?
  4. I Kind of figured out a way to do it. If I remove the USBstor driver from the txtsetup.sif file, it seems to work. Not sure if this is the way I want to go as it also disables my ability to F6 and add a 3rd party driver.
  5. Good idea. There doesn't seem to be a specific BIOS config to disable the USB disk support. I need to keep the USB ports enabled because I need it for the Keyboard/Mouse. Unfortunately that is the same USB cable that the KVM provides the virtual disk on. Is there a way in an unattended file to force the OS to always assign it's partition as C: no matter what disks may already be there.
  6. We use an unattended Multiboot DVD to build all of our servers and it works 100%. Well it used to until we started using Avocent KVM switches with USB Keyboard/Mouse dongles. The Avocent KVM has the ability to provide remote virtual CD/Floppy with the USB dongle. My issue is with it presenting the drives to the OS during the build. Normally it will present it a D and E drive and that I can deal with using Diskpart. Lately OS has been detecting the USB key first and making it the C and D drive and then the OS gets placed on E. This is not good. Is there a way to prevent the OS from detecting USB devices initially? I still want it to find these devices, just not when the OS first installs
  7. I have a problem with x64 multiboot install. I've followed these discussions for a while and built my multiboot dvd. I have a multiboot DVD that installs almost all versions of server OS including x64. The DVD has worked great and had no issues specific to x64 builds until we got some hardware with AMD processors. It boots and complete the text mode install but when it goes into the gui mode setup, it complains it can't find the catalog files at the 39 minute mark(nt5inf.cat, nt5.cat, ntprint.cat, ntiis.cat, ims.cat, wmsoem.cat, iasnt4.cat, wow64.cat, wowlang.cat, mstsweb.cat, oembios.cat, scw.cat) I have to manually point it to the CD folder for each catalog file (i.e. d:\setup\2003x64\sp1\ent\amd64\). Once I do that for all the catalog files, it continues on until about the 12 minute mark and complains it can't find outlook express. I can skip those files and the OS install completes and it will boot into the OS, but it seems WMI doesn't install. Any ideas? Once again, this only happens during x64 builds on AMD processors, x64 builds on Intel processors, it works flawlessly.

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