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Acrobat 7 Pro + All updates Silent...


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Slipped the update you mentioned AcroProUpd707_efgj_cum.exe youre right it has the cumulative 705 built in. However once slipstreamed appears only as 705 & prog complains it should be updated to 707?

Is there a seperate update to 705 instead of the cumulative one?

If I manually apply the cumulative 707 patch after the silent install it works ok. Would like a totally up to date ver tho.



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i had slipstreamed the 705 update that is in the subfolder of the 707 update i told you to dl and then the 707 it worked fine and it appears as 707

i made an 705 folder and an 707 folder extraxt them inside as post #1 says

and i integrated them as post #4 says

msiexec /p Ac705PrP_efgj.msp /a C:\AcroPro\AcroPro.msi /qb!  FOR THE 705

and the same code and changed the Ac705PrP_efgj.msp with 707 msp name for the 707 update

read both posts #1 and #4 and you'll understant how

and after you done this to avoid an error that happeneneds when you try to install it after you integrate 707 read post #37

i have done it this way and i have tested it and it installed with no problems

good luck :hello:

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My apologies for bumping an old thread but I think I may of found a way to silently activate Acrobat.

1. install and activate Acrobat

2. copy the contents of the following folders. (I used winrar to compress them and extract them silently)

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe Systems Shared

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe Systems

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Acrobat\7.0\Cache

3. the next time you install; extract/copy the contents back to these same folders.

I tried this on virtual machine and it seams to work. also you may have to replace "Administrator" with your own user name. Also I don't think you can transfer it to machines with different hardware.

Gave this a try on a vm & seemed ok, just tried on my rigg following a fresh install Ua & worked well. :thumbup



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Is there an updated procédure to install or upgrade adobe reader 7.0.7 ?

I've found nothing from adobe.

Thank you


• If you have version 7.0.5 installed, download and install the incremental patch (AdbeRdrUpd707_all_incr.exe).


• If you have version 7.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2, or 7.0.3 installed, download and install the combo patch (AdbeRdrUpd707_efgj_cum.exe).


• If you have a version of Reader earlier than 7.0, download the full Adobe Reader 7.0.7 installer from the Reader download page. http://ardownload.adobe.com/pub/adobe/read...7_DLM_en_us.exe

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:thumbup (1) Install Acrobat (use /a for administrative install)

(2) Activate it

(3) copy the contents from "c:\program files\acrobat\activation\en_us to %systemdrive%\\program files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Acro_R\Activation\en_US

(4) Your done

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:hello: Hello, I am trying to do this... Here is my setup.ini file:










ProductName=Adobe Acrobat 7.0.1 and Reader 7.0.1 Update








ProductName=Adobe Acrobat 7.0.2 and Reader 7.0.2 Update








ProductName=Adobe Acrobat 7.0.3 and Reader 7.0.3 Update









ProductName=Adobe Acrobat 7.0.7 and Reader 7.0.7 Update




Where did I go wrong?

Thank you, John

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i've installed acrobat following all the advices posted here and everything works without an error. But now i have one problem as Mavericks posted:

I made an admin install point, then i slipstreamed the 705, 707 and 708 updates. Acrobat installs fine but the version is still 7.0.5 even when slipstraming the 707 and 708 msp files they finished without an error or any sign that the patching of file didnt work.

I tried something else. Installed from my cd dump silently, then silently applied the updates and worked fine but acrobat stills prompt me to re-apply/download the updates. Even with the version in about box saying 7.0.8.

What am i doing wrong here? i cant figure it out yet.

any advice? thanks.

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Hi all

I thought that this topic would be worth a bump because I just used the info in it to successfully update my Acrobat Pro to 7.0.9 using the instructions on the 1st page (unpacking, then applying the msp to the admin installation). I've been using this method to keep it updated, so thanks for your guide.

On a semi-related matter: I've been doing roughly two days worth of reading, & can't really seem to find a definitive guide on how to do what I'd like, & that is to roll out the 7.0.9 patch to all users in a Win2K domain who have Acrobat Pro installed. I'd like to have the patch run automatically once a user logs in, & can't seem to find a good guide on exactly how to do this.

I've been reading here, as well as over at appdeploy.com, & the only way that I've seen thus far is to maybe create an .msi, & have it pushed out through a GPO. However, the necessary tools to create .msi's aren't exactly cheap (I'm installing the SDK & "makemsi" right now - the only freeware I've found). Can anyone tell me if this is the correct approach? Or even tell me if I'm asking the right questions?

I'm a total newbie at all this, & I can see now that I'm quickly getting in over my head. :no:

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Can someone help? I used Install Shield Tuner for Adobe Acrobat 7.0. Since we purchase individual copies on Adode Acrobat Pro and Standard, I need to know how to setup so that the install runs silently but once Adobe is launched, user is prompted to enter a Serial number. Is this possible?

Thanks and any help would be appreciated.

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