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  1. Not sure if this helps, but when I did the AIP, my MST had already been created via the copy package command in the customization wizard. I also placed the AIP into a different directory than the MST file (e:\acro_pro_8\mymstname.mst, then e:\acro_pro_8\AcrobatPro8wupdates for the AIP dir).
  2. Woah. OK, all of my above steps worked just dandy for the test installation over the network to my box, but then I got to the e-License bit. wtf? I also read that Adobe's now ditched the e-License thing? I'm reading some methods to get all of this done automagically w/o user involvement, but I'm wondering if anyone's used any of these methods ("Notes" section) sucessfully? The one that looks like it may work best to me is the note from JTMan33... Anyone else had any success?
  3. made my MST file by using the "copy package" option with the Adobe Customization Wizard I then left that package alone, as the original Then I created an AIP using this command I then updated the AIP according to the instructions found here, applying both the 8.1.0 then the 8.1.1 patches Then I copied setup.exe, setup.ini & my MST file into the new, updated AIP, & changed the settings accordingly I now have two directories on the network: one for the original package that came off of the 8.0 CD plus its MST, and another for the updated AIP with its MST. I keep the original because of updating issues I'd experienced with 7.x in the past. I can run setup over the network unattended using a batch file no prob.
  4. Trying to catch up on reading many pages of this thread. I've got a WinXP SP2 disc created with nLite that has those annoying WFP pop-ups as well. I've integrated the majority of the hotfixes, added a multitude of NIC drivers, changed some unattended stuff, integrated IE7 & WM11. From what I'm reading, nuhi's nearly got it figured out, but this problem doesn't occur in nLite 1.4? Is there a way to get around the pop-ups on existing installations? Is there a way to change my current install source so that the pop-ups don't occur, or will I have to create another new source?
  5. Hi all I thought that this topic would be worth a bump because I just used the info in it to successfully update my Acrobat Pro to 7.0.9 using the instructions on the 1st page (unpacking, then applying the msp to the admin installation). I've been using this method to keep it updated, so thanks for your guide. On a semi-related matter: I've been doing roughly two days worth of reading, & can't really seem to find a definitive guide on how to do what I'd like, & that is to roll out the 7.0.9 patch to all users in a Win2K domain who have Acrobat Pro installed. I'd like to have the patch run automatically once a user logs in, & can't seem to find a good guide on exactly how to do this. I've been reading here, as well as over at appdeploy.com, & the only way that I've seen thus far is to maybe create an .msi, & have it pushed out through a GPO. However, the necessary tools to create .msi's aren't exactly cheap (I'm installing the SDK & "makemsi" right now - the only freeware I've found). Can anyone tell me if this is the correct approach? Or even tell me if I'm asking the right questions? I'm a total newbie at all this, & I can see now that I'm quickly getting in over my head.

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