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  1. Pretty much all of them run on XP (and vista I think) by now. Just get the one of the new sourceports (like the Doomsday Engine, supports Doom, Heretic, Hexen). Gameplay is unchanged, but with 3D-Support incl. higher resolution and dynamic lighting, in-game setups, quake-style console for all, mouselook etc etc etc.... At least all ID games up to Q2 have been released by id Software and fully refurbished by fans... Highly recommended...
  2. These feature some recovery and analysis tools (as for boot sectors, header size etc) http://sysresccd.org/Main_Page http://partedmagic.com/wiki/PartedMagic.ph...gic.ScreenShots This one is in German, but the installed software is in english (lots of HD-vendors integrity check-tools) http://www.heise.de/software/download/knop...d_edition/37894 Just click on "Zur Download Seite" ...
  3. what happens if I want to autocreate two partitions (I like to split the profiles directories to another partition...). All other partition I can create after install with partmagic or some other tool, but for the initial installations of my Windows boxes I always need to use some Knoppix CD to create two partitions. Let's say, I want: C:\ to 50 GB D:\ all that is left. Can that be automated as well?
  4. Ah I actually mean the 7.1 update released a week ago, not the x-year old 7.0.1 update...
  5. Hello all, I just installed the recently released Acrobat 7.1 update (guess nobody was expecting that anymore) and afterwards I realized that my D:\ partition (which holds the profiles Dir) contained a second WinSXS folder with one policy entry. What's up with that? Can Windows handle TWO WinSXS folders? I copied the policy into the original (and vica versa all policies from the original to D:\) but it appears actually that a few policies of our domain here are not enforced anymore (Windows Classic look is no more mandatory). Before I thought that the two-partition setup (with profiles on D:\) created a problem with our WSUS and AD, since I added the domain admin group in the local user account at the same time, but on other PCs that had no bad effect. Just the Acrobat 7.1 update seems to have created the folder. Has anybody heard of this strange problem? Does anybody know if this IS actually a problem at all? regards, kaneda
  6. Kaneda

    Integrating SP3

    ja I kinda figured that (maybe I asked the wrong way), but why do they require the old SPs in case of an update installation? I mean I don't care, I have those installed of course (my problem is rather the other one, I have no Gold OEM disc, my disc is post-SP2), I was just wondering...
  7. Kaneda

    Integrating SP3

    Hey all, so some of you install SP3 on a gold XP disc. But what about MS requirements? They stated that SP3 needs at least SP1 and SP2 would be recommended: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windowsxp/cc164204.aspx What's up with that? And is that only for updates whereas slipstreaming is not concerned? I mean, how does MS slipstream their new discs, do they also insert SP1 and 2?
  8. Ok, now I know it doesn't work. So I have to start slipstreaming again with the other CD...
  9. Hello all, I have two XP Pro CDs here, both are legit with their own keys. One is my own, it is an OEM. The other one is from my office, it is a boxed retail XP. I bought the OEM in a store here with a hard disc and memory (apparently, that is legal in Japan - In Germany you can even buy "System Builder Editions" even without hardware I think). I used the CD from my office to create a new installation disc (with nLite). I did this because I think it was a newer source which required less slipstreaming. Well can I use now my OEM-key on that CD? Both are XP Pro (none is Corp License or anything). Or is there actually also a license difference in the key that it won't work? thks for any quick help! regards, kaneda
  10. to resurrect this topic: Is there also a cumulative patch to acrobat 7.0 up to 7.0.9 like the one above for 7.0.7? I can't find any info on the Adobe homepage! thanks for any help!
  11. Yeah, it is about the SP and hotfixes as well as Unattended Installations and minor Tweaks (such as Documents and Settings to another partition). I know it can be done in other ways too, but I am kinda new to all this and I am not sure if I have the time to learn to do all that manually, since I also have other work on my job. And in the end this is only a part of so much stuff to change here in my office regarding software (patched Admin Installation points, WSUS, others software patch/deployment management), that I am looking for rather easy-to-use, but tested and reliable solutions. And nLite IS easy-to-use, even if it still doesn't slipstream those 4 annoying updates I mentioned in another thread PS: forgot to mention, I need dual-language...both Japanese and English support. So without such a handy tool, it will be double work...
  12. Ok, I get the point. Highly annoying that MS actually prevents anyone from better using their software. Strange philosophy.... thanks for all the info!! regards, kaneda
  13. That means it is technically illegal? And why the danger of lawsuits, if it is explicitly stated that any use is on everybody's own risk, isn't that enough? In other words, the EULA restriction is not about some moral/taste/preference issue that Nuhi doesn't like nLite to be used in corporate environments, but just abut possible liability and EULA limitation if he explicitly allows it? So if someone breaks the EULA, it is rather his own problem if something happens, but further than that nobody cares...?
  14. Hey all, I am using nLite now privately, soon in three languages (for my family and friends too). However, the EULA states it is not for office use, as part of an IT department though I reallz need a tool like it. So is there an alternative to nLite? HFSLIP seems to only supports English XP, whereas I need Japanese support as well. And while we are at it, is there a specific reason that nLite is restricted to private use? Any information is greatly appreciated! regards, kaneda
  15. You can also go to this page and download their update tool. Afaik it is open source. It downloads pretty much all hotfixes http://www.heise-security.co.uk/articles/80682 Supports multiple language versions and Office too...
  16. thx for the advice. At the moment I try to re-create the one running disc I actually had before. There are some issues with making a Japanese install on a English PC (for example theme names are not displayed correctly), I will give you some more info on that later. Until now I was under the impression that - besides the big ones like IE7 - the order doesn't matter because nLite takes care? But I will try the build date order, abd if the build date is missing I should go be KB number I guess? Or do you generally recommend to sort by build date instead of auto-sort/KB-nr sort? Anyway, I will go on vacation tomorrow, so more updates and bugreports on this will come in January. In any way merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
  17. I have similar problems, using nlite I fail to integrate 933729 890046 920213 932168 on XP with no extra stuff (no .NET) added, just IE7 and WMP11. Though I get no error messages, I moved them around in the update list with no effect...
  18. SP2 is already included on the CD, I pretty much slipstream all hotfixes/patches since 10/2004. Besides that, only two updates from the non-critical tab. But no extra stuff, not even the Windows Installer 3.1., also no drivers. Attached ini shows the patchlist, no packs but all downloaded myself. The last tests were on VirtualPC, but the same error came on an X40 IBM notebook. In between actually one CD worked I remember now, strange thing is that I didn't change anything, just added more hotfixes. Before that CD 4 tests didn't work and after that CD too... strange...
  19. Hey all, after I got my English version running I tried the same in Japanese. However, it always failed. First I tried it on my PC but then I thought maybe the English OS is a problem, so I created it on a Japanese PC, but I always get the BSOD as in the attached screenshot. Ini is also attached, I only slipstream Hotfixes and IE7 + unattended install. Any ideas? Thx for any help! regards, kaneda LastIni.INI
  20. How do you guaruantee the correct order of the hotfixes? I mean how to avoid that a newer one gets slipsreamed before an older one, which would reverse the fix?
  21. so basically you don't slipstream them with nLite but by hand?
  22. With "production system" I actually just meant my real PC (err notebook) and not a test system or virtual PC But you confirmed what I was thinking. Because I have only limited time on my hands to spent trying to include all my apps in nlite, and with such rather limited benefit, I will just install them normally later. Thanks for your input! regards, kaneda
  23. Only all missing hotfixes and general updates as well as IE7 and WMP11. That's it ... no .NET, no WGA tool, not even the Windows Installer 3.1 (yet), no drivers. All of the updates I download myself with the CT offline update tool directly from MS, so no addons/update packs. The only other tool I used was the WMP11 slipstreamer, but even the setups without WMP11 in it installed without "Upgrade CD issues". No extra tools, no changes to services and components, just minor harmless tweaks such as "start with classic Start Menu" etc... But it is a fully unattended installation, except the blue screen/format part at the beginning...
  24. Hey all, I have a rather general question, plz don't burn me as a heretic The benefit of slipstreaming HF, SP and stuff like IE7 and WMP11 is out of the question, since it reduces the overhead and creates a much cleaner install. But how about applications? Beginning from .NET to Shockwave and Adobe reader and whatever, what is the point? Of course it is veryconvenient, especially for the complete unattended install. But is there also some sort of measurable benefit for the production system later when these applications are installed during the system setup? I kinda guess for them it is pretty much the same (though of course it makes sense to slipstream the .NET Updates into, well, the .NETs, but that could be done with an Admin Installation Point as well, right? any thoughts on this? Am I maybe missing one critical benefit? regards, kaneda
  25. Hey all, after various tries, and including moving them to the end of the Hotfix list (only to be followed by IE7 stuff), these updates are always missing and I have to install them via WinUpdate. I also tried without IE and the result is the same... From the High Priority Updates: KB933729 KB890046 KB920213 KB932168 and from the Optional Updates: KB920342 my preset is attached, it is a rather clean install with WMP11 slipstreamed, IE7 with all addons and just some minor tweaks. Nothing removed, RunOnce is empty etc.... any help is greatly appreciated! regards, kaneda

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