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[Final] XPize 4.0 MCE


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XPize 4.0 MCE Final

Well, it is here finally... :D


What's new in 4.0:


- Added liccpa.cpl

- Added telephon.cpl


- Modified bitmap 301 in batmeter.dl

- Modified icon 1 in msiexec.exe

- Fixed Network Setup Wizard 128x128 icon size support

- Fixed Offline Web Pages 128x128 icon size support

Miscellaneous / 3rd Party Files:

- Added jpicpl32.cpl Java (128x128 icon size support)

- Added S32lucp1.cpl Symantec LiveUpdate (128x128 icon size support)

- Added QuickTime.cpl (128x128 icon size support)


- Fixed installation of VS

- Updated Logon Screen

XPize Settings:

- Updated to version

- Fixed exception error when starting up


- Fixed /nowall switch


Advanced Info:


Silent switch: /S (this switch is case sensitive)


ECHO Installing XPize
ECHO Please wait...
start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\XPize\XPize.exe /S

You can also create an XPized Windows CD using the I386 Patching Feature, which also has silent switches support. Example:

xpize.exe /S /mode=i386 /source=C:\XPCD\I386 /dest=C:\Users\XPero\Desktop

or (in the case that the path has spaces, you need to surround the switch with " ")

xpize.exe /S /mode=i386 /source=C:\XPCD\I386 "/dest=C:\Many Users\XPero Rulez\Desktop"

Note 1: The order of the switches is not relevant.

Note 2: /source and /dest are only available when used with /mode=i386

Note 3: All the switches can be used in the normal way (not silent). They will change the default values.

Note 4: /mode switch supports this two values: i386 (i386 patching) or normal

Advanced switches:

  /norestore     <---no system restore point creation
 /nouxtheme     <---no uxtheme patch
 /nofiles       <---none of files are patched
 /nodll         <---no dll are patched
 /noexe         <---no exe are patched
 /nocpl         <---no cpl are patched
 /noocx         <---no ocx are patched
 /noadmin       <---no administrative tools patched
 /nooe          <---no outlook express patched
 /nomisc        <---no miscellaneous files patched
 /noextras      <---no extras installed
 /noskins       <---no skins installed
 /noicons       <---no custom icons installed
 /noboot        <---no boot screen installed
 /nologon       <---no logon installed
 /noscreen      <---no screensaver installed
 /nowall        <---no wallpapers installed
 /notask        <---no taskswitchxp installed
 /nocmd         <---no console colors mod installed


xpize.exe /S /norestore /nouxtheme /noextras



Note 1: Uninstall previous versions before installing this one.

Note 2: Windows x64 bit is not supported.

Note 3: Lite version is the same as normal, except that all 128x128 icons have been removed.

Many thanks to all of you guys who have helped in the bughunting and my gracious mirrorers.

Enjoy ;)

Edited by XPero
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I'm currenly downloading, has the powerdvd problem been fixed?

BTW Well done in advance, XPize Rules

This problem has no fix, just dont install the msxml3.dll file. The good is that now we know what file was causing that issue. :)

Edited by XPero
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