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Decoding Microsoft keys


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I've written my own application to get and display the Windows and Office cd keys. It should also display the keys of the individually installed Office applications. I've tested it on my systems and it appears to be working fine, but I only have XP systems with Office 2003, That's were the MSFN community comes in, try it on your systems and let me know what works and what doesn't.

Known to work for:


Windows 2000 Pro

Windows XP Home

Windows XP Pro VLK

Windows XP Pro OEM

Windows XP 64


Windows 2003 Server Web Edition VLK

Windows 2003 Ent

Visual Studio .NET Professional & Student 2003


Office 2003 Pro VLK

Frontpage 2003

Office XP Pro VLK

Post here with info for working/not working, and I'll add working apps and try and fix non working.

If you have found one not working, other than Office 2000, please post the registry path to the DigitalProductID key in the registry. Not the value of the key (which contains the CD-Key), just the path to it. For example the registry path for office 2003 is: HKLM\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Registration\{90110409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9}\DigitalProductID

The 90110409 maybe different in yours depending upon language version and SP version during install.

For those who are curious, reverse base24 decode bytes 52 to 66 of the DigitalProductID gives yout your cd-key (not true for Office 2000).

Thanks to:

Stealth111 for testing and pushing for new features. :thumbup


10/25/2006 - v2.28 enterprise

- Removed white space from end of computername (no really I did this time)

10/24/2006 - v2.27 enterprise

- Removed white space from end of computername

- Fixed computername output problem 2 (really I did this time :) )

10/23/2006 - v2.23 enterprise

- Fixed compuername output problem

10/23/2006 - v2.2 enterprise

- Renamed to KeyDecoder Enterprise

- recursive search of entire local registry for DigitalProductID's

- changed format of saved data, computer name now on same line as other related data for easier reading

- reformatted help information

10/16/2006 - v1.9.9

- Almost too many updates to list.

- Added 6 ways to decode keys from machines other than the machine being run on.

- remote registry sinlge machine or machines pulled from list.

- pull machines from AD

- Pull from exported registry file

- Pull from loaded hive from offline machine

- Decode directly entered hex data


- fixed issue were it would break of after finding first office product per version and then ignore the rest.


- fixed issue with it not finding ProductName field for Office XP.


-Added Save function, save files as Comma Delimited

-Command Line Switches added [/iGAL] [Filename]

[/iGAL] (optional pick G,A, or L or any combination, default /iGAL)


A - Application Name

L - License Number


optional if not given and /i switch is used default.csv is used. File is saved

to the current directory if no path is given. If Filename is given and /i is

not /i defaults to /iGAL.

Original version with only the options to get local machine information.


Keydecoder Enterprise v2.27 - local and remote machine data collection


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@Gobby - Actually I thought the same thing earlier this evening, will add it and update main post sometime tomorrow. I was thinking about exporting a CSV file with the GUID, Application Name, CD-Key. Or possibly the option of which you want to export. Any preferences to a button in the app or a commandline switch?

@ALL - Does anyone have Visual Studio .NET? Does it work? If not can you get me the registry path to the GUID which contians the DigitalProductID and ProductName keys and I'll add it also if it doesn't already work.

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