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I add April Hotfixes in HF1 and MRT.

I found "WindowsXP-KB904942-v2-x86-JPN.exe" was released again by MS on Apr11.

It was released on Nov or Oct 2005 before if I remember. I did not check the difference between old one and the new one, however, the new KB904942 may not work in HF1. File name is completely the same. Then I put the new one in RunOnceEx.cmd as a temporaly solution. :no:

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Great Job Tinywoods

Thx for updating the list

I get today the update kb 911565 mediaplayer again

I checked version of the old and the new one.

I saw the new one has version number and the old one 1.0.

Maybe this one wil work whit xpcreate maybe someone will test it for us

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KB904942 does'nt seem to have been updated on downloads.microsoft website yet maybe tinywoods downloaded a older version that is why filename is the same ?

KB911565 media player update will more than likely need to be istalled via RunOnceExx as with the other media player updates

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Yes, I can see Feb version of KB904942 on MS update site, however, the popup tells me another date information. You can see "Apr 11" in the below window.


BTW, do you succeded in installation of KB904942 from XPCREATE?

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From what I can see the only download is for the February release. The only way to get the latest release is via MU/WU.

If you follow the link from WU/MU then you end up at the February download....

So if anybody can find a link to download the latest version then it would be a great help.

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Finally, I solved the problem. :lol::lol:

There are 2 types (versions) of file in KB904942-v2 x86 !

If you visit MS Download center, you can download Februrary version only. :(

Else if you automatically install KB904942-v2 x86 via WU, the latest version (Apr 11) will be installed.

I compared those two KB904942-v2 x86 files.

See below GIF. date of "KB904942.cat" are different!! :thumbup

Apr 11 (Mar.24,2006)


Feb (Oct.27,2005)


You should better to use Apr 11 version if you'd like to perform silent installation.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR "kb904942-v2x86 APR11", PLZ VISIT Unattended Windows FROM ABOVE LINK.

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Today is the Kids'-day in Japan, it's a national holiday! :thumbup

On April 26, it seemed the new kb900485-v2 was released without changing its file name.


New (You can get Windowsxp-kb900485-v2-x86-express-jpn from MS Automatic update only(Automatic installer)

You'd better use a RunOnceEx.cmd to install kb900485.

:no: Hey, MS. Why did you do such user un-friendly updates, again and again? Plz change the file name if you release another version.

And also updated LegitCheckControl,again? Is it the third version in 2006? :blink:



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