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KB911565 does'nt install at T13, i use my RunOnceEx.cmd to install this one


I will do it also.

Do we need both mediaplayer updates or can i replace this one and remove the other whit same problems in xpcreate

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[ SVC-HF1 ]


* 710KB : windowsxp-kb892130-enu-x86_7e1189ce89fb0c693cad6432a4c2f982dcea49a0.exe



[ SVC-CF2 ]


* 442KB : KB892130-WGAINSTALL.exe


KB892130-WGAINSTALL.exe was placed with


which should be set in SVC-HF1

Cheers :hello:

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This may seem like a simple question, especially since it seems no one else has asked it, but how do I use the RunOnceEx.cmd file from your example?

I assume that I put it somewhere along with all the update files, and once my WinXP is installed for the 1st time it will run the script automatically?


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Looks like it all worked, but had to move WindowsXP-KB905915-x86-ENU.exe to the SVC-HF2 folder.

Also the .net 2.0 package did not do a silent install... I am guessing I was supposed to unpack it first with /c switch? I am trying again now to test it...

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Everything seems to slipstream ok but now I get an error before windows starts for the first time:


If I hit open I get a blank Internet Exploder page and then nothing continues.

If I hit cancel, the same thing..

setup just hangs and does not continue to the next step (create user account, auto update, firewall, register questions, etc)

If I do a restart at this point then setup will continue, and runs through my RunOnceEx.cmd additions ok.

The system I am left with has a broken IE that cannot connect to the internet and does not even let me go into the settings from the menu!

I have a theory that a particular update has done this, so will do ( yet another :D ) rebuild of the cd until I track it down....

UPDATE: Just as I thought, it was the WindowsXP-KB912945-x86-ENU.exe update causing the problem! Has anyone else had a problem with this update?

WindowsXP-KB905915-x86-ENU.exe is still giving me a problem too, I no longer get an error during install but update is not applied.

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Quick answer,

1. The new KB912945 in SVC-HF1 is the successor to KB905915. Therefore, you do not need to put KB905915 in HF1 nor HF2. KB905915 should be deleted if you have KB912945. :P

So, Try again without using KB905915. Do you have the same trouble again?

I will clean up the first page of the thread later, but pls have a look again, there was 2 versions; March 20 and March 15 for SVC-HF1. Pls refer March 20, in case of HF1 and MRT.

2. .NET FRAMEWORK 2 (22MB : dotnetfx.exe) can not be installed from the latest XPCREATE. So, you have to find other way to install it. For instance, "RunOnceEx.cmd". See the first page of this thread. Be careful, “NET FRAMEWORK 1 and 2” have the same name installer. You need to put “NET FRAMEWORK 1 (23MB : dotnetfx.exe)” in SVC-X2M. :rolleyes:

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> The new KB912945 in SVC-HF1 is the successor to KB905915

I am not so sure that is correct. When i deleted them both from xpcreate, did a fresh install and ran win update it told me i needed both. KB905915 was tagged as a critical update, and KB912945 was an optional one.

I found out my problem with KB905915 not installing too. I downloaded a fresh copy and it was 1 mb bigger than the version I had, so I either had some old version or a version not for WinXP. My new one works fine in HF1.

My previous question about .NET FRAMEWORK 2 was that it did not do a silent install when I ran it from RunOnceEX.cmd. As I guessed I had to unpack the download file with the /c switch, and it works great now!

So my current status is that I just have to work out KB912945 and then I will have 100% of updates installed.

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I understand your points.

1. KB912945 does not work (run).

2. You succeeded in installation of KB905915.

3. .NET FRAMEWORK 2 (NF2) ran silently from RunOnceEX.cmd (ROE) when you use /c-switch.

You are (or were) facing problems that I’ve never experienced in installing. So it may difficult for me to know the reason why you get such errors during installation. I succeeded in installation of KB912945 , .NET FRAMEWORK 2. and KB912945 in HF1 can be run without KB905915. NF2 can be run from ROE without using /c-switch. After the installation of all hotfix files that are mentioned by MS (shown in the first page), no file is required by MS in the update site.

Let‘s verify your status step by step.

1. Files : Are you using the same file as me?




2. Folders

HF1 =KB912945

A new folder =NF2 

Not in i386 nor other folders that are set in XP CD. Make a new one. In my case, it is named “Application/_HOTFIX”

3. File status

KB912945 = Just download from MS. Put the file in HF1 as it is.

NF2 = Yes, you must unpack the file, as you said.

Pls refer my ROE.cmd in the first page again.

I mentioned please do “\dotnetfx\install.exe /q /f” and

change my folder information “%CDROM%\SETUP\WindowsXP\SP2PRO\APPLICATION\_HOTFIX" as you need.

After extract dotnetfx.exe by WinRAR (or something), you can force to run the setup file silently (install.exe) which is in the created folder “DOTNETFX”.

Point: All files that are run from ROE should better be extracted (unpacked) before running. Some of them can not be run from DVD because there is no writable disk space to extract the file. So, you’d better to start from install.exe, not start from dotnetfx.exe + C-switch if you are going to use DVD.

OK, now you may have no question except KB912945, I hope.  :lol:  But I have no idea to solve this problem if you are using the same KB912945 as I have, sorry. :no:

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Thanks for all the help, but I now have all my problems solved!! :thumbup

It looks like all my problems came from having the wrong version of KB905915. Since I got a new copy of it I now have everything working.

All I have left to do now is burn it to a blank DVD and format my hard drive.

Thanks again.

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