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  1. Ditto for me, been using XPCreate for "a long time" and would like to test/help but not had a reply from GM. So, GM if you're listing, "I appreciate you're a busy man, but can we play with your new toy please". Otherwise if anyone has the new version and willing to share...
  2. I'm still using XPCREATE, although I haven't updated it, until today, for quite a while!!! I'm now going through the updates my first major update in must be six months and my first try won't even boot! Now going through the list a little more thouroughly... Get the feeling that it's not as popular as it used to be, I think because it needs a reasonable amount of maintenance to keep it up to date. Still an excellent product.
  3. Had a similar problem with a laptop for a home worker recently. It just would not work in the same room as the router, move it into any other room in the house and it was and still is fine. Move it into the same room and it is initiall y fine but then drops off. I'm making the assumption that it's too close to the router, I can't think of anything else.... Don't know if that helps your situation?
  4. I'm just starting to think about IE7 and adding it my install CD, what switches do you use?
  5. I've just started to look at HFSlip, downloaded, read and now trying my first install. Whils that's happening I thought I'd ask the questions I've been unable to unswer from reading this forum or the included documentation. I've been using XPCreate for a "number" of years and so I guess I'm looking for a conversion course..... Biggest question is... Is HFSlip designed to integrate my $OEM$ folder structure, cmdlines.txt etc? Or do I need to generate my "baseline" with HFSlip, integrate my folders and then create an ISO? If I can integrate my folders, where do I put them? Like with XPCreate, I'm only looking to build a stable and as updated and integrated basic XP install, so I only include basics such as Acrobat, Defender, JRE etc and not Office or other "addons".
  6. Whilst the latest update to 904942 is April, it seems to me that the only download available for 904942 is for the February update. Every link from MU/WU or other MS downloads ends up at the Feb update. It appears the only way to get the latest (April) update to 904942 is via MU/WU. Unless of course somebody knows different and can provide a link to the download or to more information.
  7. From what I can see the only download is for the February release. The only way to get the latest release is via MU/WU. If you follow the link from WU/MU then you end up at the February download.... So if anybody can find a link to download the latest version then it would be a great help.
  8. I don't know Excel so I'm after some advice. I'm trying to write a spreadsheet that records my working hours, mileages etc. I work on several projects that have different rates for normal hours, overtime and weekend working, etc. For each day I'd like to calculate "my wages" based on, probably a drop down list picking the rate for that day/job and display the result accordingly. These daily calculation then get summarised on monthly and annual sheets. I can cut and paste the correct formula from previous days/calculations but this is getting tedious, I'd like to make the spreadsheet to do at least some of the work! I have no idea where to start, I can find nothing that points me in the right direction in the Excel helpfiles and only have access to a basic Excel book. I'm making the assumption that this would be possible? It's also likely that I'm using the wrong terms which is why my search in Excel is coming up blank. So, some pointers to some online resources or books or even just to the right terms to throw at Excel would help.
  9. Thanks Doc, I've seen both labels used in posts or reference material, so I treated it as a label. However, I have changed the label and it makes no difference, the settings are still ignored. I've been testing this prior to live use, on VMWare and a laptop with a PCMCIA NIC. Maybe the SIF settings are set before the drivers are loaded and therefore overwritten/ignored when they are loaded? Getting a bit frustrated with this as it should be so simple! Can anybody else shed some light?
  10. I've nearly finished helping make an unattended disk but I cannot get the DNS set via WINNT.SIF. To check I've got the syntax right I've made an unattend.txt file with setupmgr and the entries look the same? The (relevant?) extract from my SIF file is below. Is there something I'm missing? For example is there a change in SP2 that I haven't picked up? Is it just getting late in the week and I need a rest? [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents = No [NetAdapters] Adapter01=params.Adapter01 [params.Adapter01] INFID=* [NetClients] MS_MSClient=params.MS_MSClient [NetServices] MS_SERVER=params.MS_SERVER [params.MS_MSClient] [NetProtocols] MS_TCPIP=params.MS_TCPIP [params.MS_TCPIP] AdapterSections=params.MS_TCPIP.Adapter01 [params.MS_TCPIP.Adapter01] SpecificTo=Adapter01 DHCP=Yes DNSServerSearchOrder=,, WINS=Yes WinsServerList= There is no DNS server on this site so I need to point to a DNS server at "head office" and the ISP and I'm fed up with setting this on every PC and every build. HELP ME!!
  11. @Bongo That last piece of information was exactly the piece of information I was missing and so have solved my problem, thank you for updating the post with your experience. I've now added a note to my batch files saying that the model string must match the inf file. Hadn't spotted that requirement in any other post or guide that I've read here or anywwhere else. So you see as sy89 says it was worthwhile, at least as far as I'm concerned!
  12. I've been supporting Linksys, D-Link and Netgear routers now for a while. These are routers aimed at the domestic market. The routers are located in buildings and in portakabins. Users have a mixture of DELL and HP/Compaq laptops and also have a mixture of Linksys, D-Link and Netgear PCMCIA cards. What I've found is; Linksys are the most expensive, but also the most reliable at connecting and maintaining a connection. Operate with other manufacturers wireless cards well. D-Link are the cheapest, are the least reliable at connection to other manufacturer cards. The drivers can also be very tempramental. Have a good operational range between router and card. Do not operate at high speed with other manufacturers cards, if at all, but do give very good throughput with their cards. Netgear sit between Linksys and D-Link in just about everything. Probably the lowest cost per MB moved over the air is Linksys, because of the reliability of the router, card and drivers. However, any network seemed to suffer if there was a broad mixture of cards, it's just that Linksys had less of a degradation and continued to work in almost every environment. Having a pure D-Link network did give a better performance and was just as reliable as Linksys, until you brought in another manufacturer card into the network. Same was true of Netgear but to a less extent. So, if you are setting up your own network from scratch and do not expect "visitors" D-Link seems to be better, but if you are building a "mixed" environment I'd recommend Linksys. Personally I also find the the management of Linksys better, although this is more a matter of personal taste. So I've plumped for Linsys for my own personal router at home and I do not get any trouble from it at all. Hope this helps.
  13. @IcemanND. Now if I'd even stopped and thought about it at all I shouldn't have asked that question! Yet another one of those D'oh moments. Thanks everyone for the recomendations. EDIT For information R-Studio is www.r-tt.com. And is now top of my list of candidates
  14. Thanks for all of the recommendations. It appears as if these programs all recover to a new location. Anyone know of a program that restores to original location? It's going to take me several hours to make a list of all the directories and then restore them directory by directory to a new structure and then burn it to a DVD. Provisionally I've gone with File Rescue Plus, to recover the data and then a complete rebuild of the disk.
  15. Anybody got any good recommendations for a good file recovery program? Preferably freeware but if it’s commercial then that’s OK also. I need to do a file recovery for a friend. Most of the files on his hard drive have been deleted. I (he) would rather pay for something that will work and be efficient than struggle with freeware. I’ve downloaded some eval software and all looked at the drive. It does appear as if at least the data is recoverable. I’m not bothered about recovering Windows, that will get reinstalled once the data is recovered and backed up! I should add that his drive is now in my machine so I all I need is a “good” recovery program that will efficiently recover directories as well as individual files. A virus scan of his drive does not find anything and the drive does not appear to show any errors and is only a few months old. He did not have up to date virus definition files and does not have a backup of any of the data!
  16. have a look here PrintUI.dll. I use the following in a batch file to add a printer RUNDLL32 PRINTUI.DLL,PrintUIEntry /ga /n\\Server\PrinterShareName To remove the printer change the /ga to /gd. You need to run the DLL or batch file with local administrator rights. Note that you still have to login as each profile if you need to change the default printer. I was put onto this a few months back and have been using it in a batch file to add (or remove) "group" printers. Can be a great time saver if you have several printers to manage for a group. I don't know immediatelyhow you can incorporate this into an unattended install though? Hope it helps!
  17. Sounds like an excellent idea and hopefully an excellent implementation! I'd probably use it. When you say freeware and shareware are you including things like acrobat?
  18. I've done some searching but can't find any guidance or ideas, maybe I'm just not searching for the right thing? Or maybe this just isn't possible? I want to "schedule" some actions to take place and force some associated reboots. These actions might require several reboot cycles to accomplish due to some interactions and to ensure each action is completed and in the right sequence. I'd like to be able to run this script as the final part of an unattended install or after a disk has been imaged. Is there a way I can, after my unattended has finished, or manually after an disk image, run a script to acomplish this? Pointers please anyone?
  19. Ther is now an update. But that's not really my problem, and I think it is MY problem not one with SpyBot. The install works fine, the problem is on the UPDATE line, all of the switches after the spybotsd.exe are (attempted to be) executed by the start /wait and not SpyBot. I've looked at the syntax and I can't see how to force the switches to associate with SpyBot. I've put quotes, I've taken out quotes. My current fix is to put all of the SpyBot stuff into a .cmd file, I've then removed the start /wait from the UPDATE and it works fine. The "new" cmd is called with start /wait. I am assuming this is a lack of understanding of the syntax for start on my behalf. Anybody care to put me straight?
  20. I've just added SpyBot 1.3 to my unattended CD, but I get an error when running the update. The first command line switch, whatever it is, is given as an unknown switch. It also appears as if the rest of the line, all the other switches, are ignored. The application otherwise appears to install correctly. This is what I have: :SpyBot ECHO. ECHO Installing SpyBot ECHO please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Spybot\spybot.exe /VERYSILENT /dir="%systemdrive%\program files\spybot" /group="SpyBot" /components=" , , " ECHO Updating Spybot ECHO Please wait... start /wait "%systemdrive%\Program Files\Spybot\spybotsd.exe" /autoupdate /autoimmunize /autoclose ECHO ...complete (SpyBot) ECHO. I've tried different switch order, but the first one is always given as the error. When I run the update command line after XP has installed it works fine. So what have I misread/mistyped/copied/edited wrong??
  21. Sorry posted in wrong topic!
  22. So I could (should!) create my own variables in my install script, but I need to "manually" vopy over my $Progs etc? Is that right? This isn't a problem, just want to be sure I'm being a numpty and wasting install time!
  23. I've had to go back and build an unattended install for W2k. I've run into some XP - 2k differences, some of which are covered in threads here, but I'm struggling with variables and $OEMS$ sub-directories. Some variables work %ProgramFiles% for example, but %installdrive% doesn't, and my $OEM$\$Prog (or $Progs) doesn't get copied across. As I said these variables and scripts work fine in XP, but there seems to be some differences in W2k. Is there a reference, or a thread here that covers for these differences? I've searched, but can't find anything, maybe because I've not put the correct info into the serch.... Just as I struggled with the topic above!
  24. KB832353 does not appear on WU list, and the web site the link takes you too doesn't look quite right!
  25. DaveXP, I'm not able to download from your FTP link, I get timeout, no access and TCP timeout error (at various times and from different networks). I can get download from your first post, is there much of a difference? Chris

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