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  1. can't find the file efisys.bin I tried to make a vista dvd of a 64bits version but the file you told is not on the dvd Thx anyway
  2. Its better to reinstall the complete windows i think so. i did have the same problems after a clean install of windows vista all problems are gone. Works fine for me, i used the 64 bit version of it now.
  3. It works great now. But not into vista ultra 64bit for now only 32 bits version. I work whit 64 version,and have problems whit the one care scanner into msn whit this version.
  4. Thx for updating Tinywoods. Lot more updates mediaplayer 11 and ie7 I found one more its the frame network 3 Lot of work for you to do i think so. I will say have a merry christmas and a happy new year to you and you're family. The link for the frame network 3 down under, good luck http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  5. Thx Tinywoods for updating the list great job.!
  6. Hello Tinywoods Many new updates and i wait for the list of you. I always used yours I think you are busy so i will still wait Thanks anyway
  7. The site is back on now. it was down for a while.
  8. Thx G.M I'm happy to see you again
  9. Great Job Tinywoods Thx for updating the list I get today the update kb 911565 mediaplayer again I checked version of the old and the new one. I saw the new one has version number and the old one 1.0. Maybe this one wil work whit xpcreate maybe someone will test it for us
  10. Thx Tinywoods for updating the list Sorry but one missed again its the kb912945. I think it will works in svc-hf1 folder but i don't have test it for now. thx anyway
  11. Thx I will do it also. Do we need both mediaplayer updates or can i replace this one and remove the other whit same problems in xpcreate
  12. Thanks Tinywoods for update the important list for us!. Only i miss one,I get on the same time the file kb911565 its a update for media player. Where goes this one in xpcreate Thx url of it down under. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&DisplayLang=en
  13. I can't find file WindowsXP-KB896344-v2-x86-ENU.exe. I mean dutch version. i have a clean install of windows xp,and have all updates installed by windows update. Into the history of windows update, i don't find this number too. Do we need this one? Thanks for the fine new list,and i wish everyone a happy new year.
  14. I have installed a clean version of windows. The update where i ask for is'nt too install whit windows update too. Maybe we don't need it to integrate in xpcreate.
  15. Thx for the answer. I have dowload all the updates of windows xp today. my hdd fail and i lost everything. I can't find the windows journal viewer setup. I miss the follow kb896344 do i need this file and somebody know where the dutch version of it is for download. Search on the microsoft download center did'nt work. Thx
  16. Thx Ironside But can you tell me where to find update file kb909993. I did'nt find it on microsoft Thx anyway
  17. Here the link http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/2...7/MP10Setup.exe version
  18. Today there is a new version of windows mediaplayer 10. Maybe we can used this one into xpcreate without installing the update files that gives problems al time. If somebody will and can test it let us know please. Thx
  19. I did installed tis version today into the dutch version and there no problems whit it. The installer is in my own language maybe it reads from the older version the language. After the install i used windows update and it was installed corect. Tinywoods can you tell me where i have to place it in xpcreate. Do i need to remove older versions? Thx
  20. I don't know the download link of the new .net frame work maybe its to new now.I think they wil post it later redistrubale version, Ihope so.
  21. where to find the kb902344 Today microsoft added new updates the next ones KB896424 KB890830 V.10 SVC-MRT KB829019 FRAMEWORK 2.0
  22. I made a cd whit the new XPCREATE version and al works fine for me. But i missed one thing. Why is not added the update from windows update to microsoft update? does any one a suggestion for this Thx
  23. jobbie

    Current Downloads

    Use the microsoft download center http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/search....?displaylang=en And us search whit the kb and number your need
  24. Thanks i found it whit all the right answers.
  25. There is a new version of xpcreate so i read I can't find it now

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