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  1. Hello GM, I'm also one of XPCREATE users. I look for your latest XPCERATE that is introduced in your website. How can I Get it ? I could get the former version form "GET XPCREATE" link.
  2. Thanks to prathapml, finally, I succeeded in the complete silent installation Office 2007. I use Option A together with Option B to install. 1)Copy all folders and files in OFFICE12 DVD to D:\office2007 (example) 2)Make a Unattended.MSP (*.MSP) Set OFFICE12 in DVD-ROM drive (example. F drive) Execute the command F:\setup.exe /admin Save as "Unattended.MSP" in D:\office2007 (In the same folder with setup.exe) 3)Make a "custom-uA.XML" as below, and put it in D:\office2007. 4)Then, just execute this command D:\office2007\setup.exe /adminfile Unattended.MSP /config custom-uA.XML I believe I have Office2007 Enterprise, not the other version. I tested some methods to install Office 2007 including prathapml's Option A, but I could not install Office2007 Enterprise silently. I still got a dialog window asking and I had to choose Office applications again. (The same dialog in Option A- 4.) I used both Option A and B, then I succeeded in the complete silent installation Office 2007. custom-uA.XML <Configuration Product="Enterprise"> <Display Level="none" CompletionNotice="no" SuppressModal="yes" AcceptEula="yes" /> <Setting Id="Reboot" Value="ReallySuppress" /> </Configuration> Be careful, it takes much time to finish the full installation. In case of my PC (northwood 3.4G memory2G) it takes about 10 minutes appearing Office products shortcuts in start-up.
  3. I uploaded the Hotfix list file in the first page. roots-kb931125-xp-ws03-x86-x64.exe
  4. Are you looking for .NET 2.0 installer Package or a hotfix? I couldn't find KB829019 in the MSD-center. I found .NET 2.0 x64 =Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x64)
  5. I uploaded the Hotfix list file in the first page.
  6. The list was updated on Nov 18, 2006
  7. Hi jobbie, The list has been updated.
  8. Still I get error when I try to connect with XPCREATE.com. BTW,after doing a clean install, following updates still show up on Windows update. I'm not English OS user, so that I need language pack files for .NET Framework. The former version could treat .NET Framework 1.1 language pack. SVC-HF1 WindowsMedia10-KB917734-x86-JPN.exe = Media Player windowsmedia10-kb902344-x86-intl.exe = Media Player SVC-X2M NDP20-KB917283-X86.msp = NET Framework 2.0 (Extract from exe to msp) langpack.exe = Language pack (Japanese) for NET Framework 1.1 NetFrame2langpack.exe = Language pack (Japanese) for NET Framework 2.0
  9. @Mann Thank you ! As you said, the file version is 8. My downloaded file version was 9.
  10. Thank you GM for the new XPCREATE. I got an error message about swflash.cab The dowloaded swflash.cab is 1,056,028 B. It is slightly bigger than your cab that you mentioned in the XPCREATE website. Where can I get another swflash.cab that you are using?
  11. I could not find out the sentence that you mentioned in the XPCREATE site. I think XPCREATE will not download any files nor will not connect to Internet automatically. You may need to edit a ini file. http://xpcreate.com/quickstart.htm >Please note that by default XPCREATE will NOT attempt to contact the Internet to download a list of hotfix files needed. If you wish to use this function, >please edit the entries in the XPCREATE.INI file accordingly.
  12. I uploaded Hotfix link file in the first page.
  13. KB890830-ver 1.7A was an old KB890830 which was released in August 2005. Why do you need to use an old file? Now we can get the latest version Windows-KB890830-V1.15 from WU. I've never faced a problem (script error) about KB890830. --------------------------------------------------------- [ SVC-MRT ] --------------------------------------------------------- * 1771KB : Windows-KB890830-V1.15.exe (2006 Apr version)

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