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Here's some shell extensions...

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Hi guys, sorry for disturbing :)

My problem is, how to add Hidden Files / Exstension Toggle in Vista Ultimate x64? In XP there is Tools > Folder Option > File Types and advanced options for folders (Vista doesn't have this), and i can't add script :(


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never heard this..

got problem adding fileexttoggle and hiddenfiletoggle to context menu in windows 7 x64. is the problem attributed to 64bit or windows 7 itself?

hi spiritpyre!

Can you make x64 version of these shell extensions?

Windows x64 can't load 32-bit binary...

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spiritpyre, years ago I had downloaded the file extension toggle & hidden file toggle in cab formats and used to use these with nlite. ... It was a standard addon for me!

I have now moved to Win7 and just can't get that cab to work with vlite. Any ideas?? Any work arounds?

Can you please help with something that works with vlite?

Thanks & Cheers

edit: Forgot to add that the current version 3 on page 1 works well with Win7. Its just that I want:

1) to have it working with vlite

2) want all the dll and other files to go to the system32 folder rather than as separate folders inside "Program Files"

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This one was good, but no longer working on newer than Windows XP

"Folder Size Explorer Extension (by Brian Oraas?) here
(thanks to Zxian for letting me in on this one! biggrin.gif )
- Adds "Folder Size" to the details view of explorer (which ALSO displays the size of files)"

I found this Free Folder Size alternative which I think is even better as it does not slow down the machine by running services in the background and provides a context menu item in Winows Explorer named "Scan with Folder Size". Quite neat tool:


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