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Longhorn has been named


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The thing I don't like about Windows Vista is that it will be the start of the new trend in Operating Systems where copy protection schemes will be initiated at a hardware level.

I'm holding onto my copy of XP for as long as I can.

I don't remember anything about copy-protection in Vista. Maybe you read old news?

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Yes i was thinking about that, isnt there going to be a new way for copy protection and checking on internet crap

other than that i quite like the name now

Oh well our local crackers will have a copy within a week after RTM :P

I was thinking about buying this version maybe

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With this name they're just asking to get beat up. I am surprized that by now names such as Vista del Crappo and so on haven't turned up. If the bugs are even remotely close to the problems I personally had with XP when it was released I will be in no hurry to get it.

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1.) Where is your source on that

2.) www.microsoft.com/windowsvista says diferent to us

Why would it be on MS's website al logo'd and decorated like that if it wasn't an OS

Please tell us go on then.

Explorer Browser? You mean Internet Explorer 7? WHY WOULD IT BE CALLED WINDOWS VISTA


Sorry people for getting annoyed like that i am in a bad mood atm

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I read this in the Washington Post. O.K., so I didn't check the Microsoft website. The post article describes Vista as replacing Internet Explorer to remove explotation by hackers, thugs, miscreants, and anybody else who is such a loser that they want to hack other's computers.

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Windows VISTA: Viruses, Infections, Spyware, Trojans and Adware..

Never seen anything like that in 12 years of using a PC. I hear a lot of people complaining about that though. When I ask 'em: did you use WU? do you have an AV? How about a firewall? They all look at me like I'm trying to fool 'em. A stupid man deserves an infected PC. :yes:

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Win2k3EE ur right i agree

IMO Windows works fine its the users that stuff it up in the end

I had one person (apparently the top in our C4 IT Class [Til i moved in])

He was installing XPize / Longhorn Transformation Pack / and Sp2 all at once on a XP Machine (3 Installer Modifying System Files At Once, Seriously)

But back on topic Windows Vista looks promising and i must say to those who dont like it - Its still in Beta (Well only just into beta)

And Dont Bag it till you tried it

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An article I found from www.theinquirer.net "Microsoft may get sued over new Longhorn name"

A VOLISH plan to name its forthcoming operating system Longhorn 'Vista' has been attacked by an outfit of the same name, which is planning to sue.

According to The Seattle Times, here, a business software and services company named Vista, founded in 1999 and located in Redmond, was not amused by Microsoft's choice of name

Founder John Wall of www.vista.com, who lives just around the corner from the VoleHill, said he was very miffed and has released his briefs to have a quiet word with Microsoft.

Vole hopes that it will get around a legal firefight by trademarking the words "Microsoft Vista" rather than just the word Vista.

I say if they do go through all this trouble by actually trademarking the words "Microsoft Vista" they would probably be planning to stick with this name because it seems like to much of a hassle they would have went through just change it again.

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