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  1. I play these two religously!!!! Check us out sometime at www.feartheclan.com (Were always looking for friendly scrims) Call of Duty: UO {FEAR} mod IP: Call of Duty 2 {FEAR} mod IP:
  2. I have to admit today my jaws dropped when passing through my local Walmart supercenter and saw this kid playing the new King Kong game demo. I was like what system is that and he replied in a totally excited voice the XBOX 360. I was like your kidding me and he stepped to the side and he was right as it sat protected behind the glass case. So after pushing the kid off the controller. lmao!! I started browsing through the demos and picked out Call of Duty 2. I'm a big Sony fan but after playing this demo I have to say I indeed will be getting me one of these babies. The graphics were out of this world and the new controller is sweeeeet!!! I noticed no kind of delays at all even when loading demos up as they were up and running in a matter of seconds totally insane. Nov. 22 is the release date and i'll be waiting.
  3. It seems that ATI is now on the nvidia bandwagon and is going to release there new high end card only for pci express. Does this definitely spell DOOM for AGP??? Tell me what you think because i'm p***ed off myself as pci express isn't that much faster than AGP from certain magazines i've read so why are they crapping all over the people who can't afford to upgrade.
  4. I can sell off The Kingston Valueram fairly easily so money shouldnt be an issue. I doubt i'll need anything over a gig for the time being. My board supports Dual-Channel up to DDR400 so I can't use that particular RAM module which sucks. These were two I did some research on tell me what you think. OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Platinum Rev 2 991357 eXtreme Performance 1GB (2x512MB) XP3200 2-2-2
  5. @ripken204 I just wanted to follow up and mention that the ocz powerstream 520w made a hell of a difference. No more artifacts or any of my games crashing in the middle of play. I finally have got to see my 6800GT OC to the speed of the higher priced 6800 Ultra and is quite stable through all the stress tests I performed and even seems like it can go higher but I don't want to push it just yet. The only thing is that my Processor is only stable at 213 * 11 which I'm not too impressed with but I think my RAM is the problem as I have 2 * 512MB of Kingston Valueram. Have any preferences to which RAM I should go with to unlock the full potential of my CPU? Thanks for telling me about the PSU it is absolutely the best I have ever used.
  6. well its not drivers, he said that he has updated all of them. he has a 3700SD and a raptor, those will take alot of power, you should never use a psu that comes with a case if your going to be putting those types of parts in ur rig. @PaCiNoLiF-at neweeg they are only a 1$ difference, take the powerstream, it is one of the best psu's for an amd system, the powerstream 600 and pc power and cooling 510 being above it http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817104152 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I loaded half-life 2 and doom 3 for testing purposes to see if they crashed just to make sure it wasn't just the call of duty: united offensive crashing and confirmed that they also do crash rather quickly showing nasty artifacts on screen. I have the latest drivers so I know it's not them so I went ahead bought the ocz powerstream 520W to take care of the problem hopefully. If not at least I will fave an awesome power supply.
  7. @ripken204 I checked out the ocz powerstream 520 and was very impressed with all the reviews. What do you feel about the ocz modstream 520 it seems too have good reviews,it's cheaper, plus the blue leds tie better into the theme of my rigs blue led fans.
  8. I really believe also that it is the power supply because I have updated all the drivers to the most current version which were installed on a fresh clean install of windows XP. I'll definitely check out the one you recommended because I shouldn't have left that el cheapo crap PSU in my system in the first place. I did however post 5357 in 3dmark05 when the test actually completed which is promising.
  9. I'm having a pretty odd problem with an upgrade I just did. I started playing Call of Duty: UO and noticed artifacts flickering on and off which got so bad the game froze. This never happened before the upgrade. So I performed 3dmark05 and 03 and most the time the system would freeze during the tests or score low. I had only a AMD XP 2500+ before with the same 6800GT AGP graphics card and could pass both tests without crashing at all or any artifacts. I upgraded to a AMD ATHLON 64 3700+ San Diego Core with an ASUS A8V MOTHERBOARD which I Know should be way more powerful and shouldn't get as hot as the older cores. I'm not overclocked one bit. The CPU factory fan is mounted correctly and working. The CPU is not overheating much according to the ASUS temperature probe. BIOS is updated current. RAM is 1GB=2sticks identical 512MB Kingston modules. Graphics card is not OC or running hot. Has updated drivers. I did a fresh clean install of Windows XP on my 36GB Western Digital 10,000RPM raptor HDD. I have 450W power supply that came with my Demon case which I think would be enough. Is it possible that a great loss in performance could happen if the generic power supply is not giving off enough power? I used the retail fan with the termal padding they have on the bottom is that efficient enough or should I get artic silver? Hope you guys can help me out. Thanks
  10. I'm a hardcore gamer so here is a router I highly recommend by D-Link. Click link below. D-Link DGL-4100
  11. I worked in the MIS department for a private college campus for almost two years as Jr. Network Admin and we had Dell as our primary Laptop and Desktop providers recieving probably 15-20 machines a month for new students. Well most of the students weren't computer literate and tore the machines to hell leaving me and my co-worker to call Dell to replace a simple component like a HD and we use to call and bam three hours wasted talking to a person from india who barely speaks english and can hear the **** book flipping pages in the background not knowing what the hell is going on looping you through the same **** troubleshooting procedures you already did before you called. DELL SUCKS!!!!
  12. Wow. I didn't even know people were still playing MOHAA anymore. I totally abandoned the MOH series after COD came out and pretty much sealed the deal after they released the pacific assault abomination. Well best of the luck to you guys finding players.
  13. I hope your correct Porn Loader about ATI because I feel as nvidia took a dump in the lap of all the people who can't afford to upgrade to a PCI Express motherboard especially if they have a top end AGP motherboard like myself. I understand PCI Express is alot faster than AGP when it boils down to it but if the consumer is willing to take the bandwidth loss then why not make an AGP card version of the high end cards. I currently have a 6800GT and love it to death but was holding out for the 7800 only to find they are only going PCI Express. I will definetly switch to ATI if they do indeed release their next gen highend cards to AGP as they show loyalty to the consumers who can't afford to upgrade unlike nvidia leaving many of us out in the cold.
  14. I agree with you Porn Loader this game is very creepy. I was playing last night and the voices alone had my pupils dilated like crazy and then i was about to turn around I nearly sharted myself when a dark silhouette in the distance flashed across the screen and when I went to get ready to fire there was nothing there. This game definitely plays with your mind. You should give it a try if your not to afraid.LOL!!!
  15. They have not released the PC requirements to my knowledge but I imagine they will require a decent gaming system. If you think these look amazing check out the official trailor. Heres the link below CLICK CALL OF DUTY 2 TO SEE TRAILOR

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