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Best spyware blocker


What do yuo say is the best Anti Spyware Program?  

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  1. 1. What do yuo say is the best Anti Spyware Program?

    • Yahoo's Tool Bar
    • Microsoft's Beta
    • Spysweeper, Webroot
    • SpywareBlaster
    • Ad-aware
    • CounterSpy
    • Aluria SE
    • McAfee AS
    • Norton
    • Pest Patrol
    • SpySubtract
    • SW Doctor
    • X-Cleaner
    • OTHER

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  • 4 weeks later...

I just use a large HOSTS file and don't go to dodgy websites, it's pretty simple.

by the way custom host files are not absolutely safe/working and they slow down a bit browsing experience, as they have to be checked again and again for every page you visit......

the HOSTS file is loaded up at startup and the slowdown is so minimal it is hardly noticeable. As the hosts file is checked before DNS you get that extra bit of security. Obvisously the larger the hosts file the longer browsing will take but my hosts file is only 400kb and I never gets advertisements or spyware (except for the tracking cookie now and then).

And I thought that spyware blaster added a custom hosts file and made it read only. I may be wrong about that but thats what I have heard.

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  • 4 weeks later...

The name on this Thread was "Best Spyware Blocker" but the poll was a real test in ones ability to read and understand English.

Most of the programs in that list are NOT blockers at all.

Spybot S&D and Spyware Blaster are TWO very good blockers that I use myself and share with all my customers.

Recently I've begun using a Custom HOSTS File from Mike Burgess.

I get the following by eMail about every two weeks.


The MVPS HOSTS file was updated [02-16-06]


Download: hosts.zip (103 kb)


How To: Download and Extract the HOSTS file


HOSTS File - Frequently Asked Questions


Note: the "text" version also makes a great resource

for determining culprit URLs ... (413 kb)


Sign up for HOSTS file update notices


Mike Burgess

Microsoft MVP

"There's no place like"


There is even a nice little program called "Hosts Secure" that I found and installed that checks for the latest Hosts file and installs it automaticly. (.net Framework required).

The custom hosts file is currently blocking over 10,600 bad web sites.

It should be a "Must Have" for people who let their minor children use the internet, unattended.

I found this an interesting thread, since I do this stuff for a living. :whistle:



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I just use a large HOSTS file and don't go to dodgy websites, it's pretty simple.

So what are you going to do when you go to a site that you trust (eBay, MySpace, Flikr or whatever) and somebody finds a sneaky way to use an iframe or interject some HTML that exploits your system and infects you?

Actually if you just follow this guide I wrote it becomes nearly impossible for your browser (IE, Firefox, Opera) in get infected anyways.

The best protection is removing the REAL flaw, which is surfing the internet as Administrator. Since most people don't like that idea, then simply using the guide above allows you to be admin but run a program in a non admin mode (and is easier & better than using RunAs). Despite I always run a decent AV and Spyware protector because when you really learn how these things work, you realize only a layered approach really makes you secure.

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