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  1. Well I went to Add & Remove Programs and removed Task Switch through there. Then from the Start Menu I chose the uninstaller and ticked all the boxes. It went through all the DLL's and I restarted but they remained.
  2. I have tried the to rebuild the icon cache using both regseeker and tweakui and rebooted with no success. Attached is an image showing which icons are still messed up. Copying files, I have no idea where that is from, whether XPize rewrote a Windows DLL or not I don't know. The icon for files that don't have an icon have those silly little icons. The Shutdown menu. The Windows Welcome screen is fine. If this can't be fixed I will just go back to the classic logon. And the Log Off and Shutdown buttons. And remember folks always read about what a program does before you install it
  3. Done it twice with no success.
  4. I installed XPize practically just clicking Next not paying attention. And I don't like what it has done. So I uninstalled it wanting to get my XP back but lots of the changes are still there such as icons and things. How do I completely remove it?
  5. I had this problem the other day and was caused by Symantec Internet Security. Disable it and see if that helps, if it does you will need to configure it properly.
  6. Strange, i do have a pagefile...must of put it on after i reinstalled windows and forogt. So the general concensus is that 1.5x system RAM is advised then?
  7. Exactly what I mean. Surely if you have more RAM you would need a smaller pagefile as there is more room in the physical RAM. If you had a system with 128MB RAM then i would put a large pagefile in. Or am I just being stupid here?
  8. I run Photoshop nearly all the time as my website is based primarily on Photoshop. Photoshop CS2 does work without a pagefile as did CS although CS popped up with a message saying that you had no pagefile. But i'm not so much concerned with my system as its running fine. It's more about other computers which are used primarily for word processing and internet browsing where hard drive space is limited. Most of these computers only have 256MB RAM. I have read sites saying to use 1.5x your system RAM but I don't see how that would work. Surely the more RAM you have the smaller the pagefile you need?
  9. What is the optimal size for the pagefile in XP? Personally I have disabled it as I haven't seen any difference from having it set to 768MB. Does it entirely depend on the amount of RAM in the system?
  10. I just use a large HOSTS file and don't go to dodgy websites, it's pretty simple. the HOSTS file is loaded up at startup and the slowdown is so minimal it is hardly noticeable. As the hosts file is checked before DNS you get that extra bit of security. Obvisously the larger the hosts file the longer browsing will take but my hosts file is only 400kb and I never gets advertisements or spyware (except for the tracking cookie now and then). And I thought that spyware blaster added a custom hosts file and made it read only. I may be wrong about that but thats what I have heard.
  11. Didn't work, but i searched the registry more thoroughly, and found the key that i needed. HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsMediaPlayer Then change the DefaultSkin and SetAndLock skin.
  12. I ran a tweaking program and it made wmp change its skin to wmp9 skin with no anchor and i cant get out of the skin. I've tried reinstalling with no luck. I have also looked through the registry for things they may be stopping it, but i can't find anything. I can't remember the name of the program so i cant reinstall it and deselect which ever options did this.
  13. Classic theme is the best of them all. I thought only 12 year olds used Luna.
  14. Tulip Computers, when asked for a replacement notebook harddrive we recieved an 80GB full size IDE Hard Drive. Then sent us a batch of 20 Laptops that werent even complete. People on the phone know nothing. We unfortunately got 32 Dells in. 3 minor problems so far, nothing to call Dell for. Some of my friends don't listen to me. 1 bought a Dell (he regreted it). 3 others listened to me, and are very happy.
  15. I have done that but it doesn't change the location of the folder on My Computer.
  16. On the My Computer screen the link for my documents goes to C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\My Documents rather than my actual My Documents folder. I've only just realised this, so I dn't know what has changed this. It has worked previously.

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