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hey i have just downloadet that program here ! from the web site! but i will have danish Language!!! i have looked in the Lang.js file and looked around in it... in the bottom of the page there are a template i try to fill it out but i can not choose the danish language in options! some one there can help me with that ?

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i posted here my romanian template .

and then , in the next version i had it .

ask nicely and you will get it .

till then , you can modify an existing language option , and will work .

read there , are only 4 pages.

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I do so:

In WPI/WPISCRIPTS I go to file


and edit my language (in template). I think for dannish you should write lang = 'dk', it's your choice what language code write in ' '. Save.

Then I come to file


and edit it, if dannish language code dk:

var language='dk';

(or fill your chosen)


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