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In what way compatible with Windows?

Try the live CD version of Knoppix [linux]. Auto detects hardware pretty well, and reads windows formatted disks. Picks up an address from DHCP, proxy config easy to configure. Has a windows emulator built in.

If your not at all comforatable with the Linux environment there's KUbuntu - designed to simlify things for Windows users - orLinspire[but I'm not sure if this is completely free].

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is there a Free Operating System that:

- support Networking

- compatible with Windows

Thank you.

when you say "compatible with Windows" do you mean an OS that can run Windows software? If so then you could give ReactOS a try. It can run some windows software. You could also try Linux with Wine which can run some windows software. Dont expect much though. If you need to use Windows software, then Windows is the only answer.

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