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Cross-linking files on NTFS


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Not quite sure what you're looking for here. You can mount an NTFS drive through an empty folder on another drive. Eg, you can access the contents of D:\ via C:\Emptyfolder\

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I think what he is asking is...

cdimage.exe helps us make optimized ISOs so that we can make multiboot disks with many simular OSes because it puts multiple refferences to files which are alike in the TOC so that the files only reside on the CD once even though it looks as if they are there multiple times.

It is a good question... one that I am curious to know as well. Because making a multiboot disk like this hogs up a lot of HD space.


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NTFS 5 has that feature built in. Its called as symbolic file linking or something like that.

AFAIK, there is no command that lets you do this, but there are many freeware commandline programs that allow you to do that, but MS does provide the API functions.

One such program that allows you to do that is FileLink 2.0.0

Also, make sure that the Distributive Link Tracking Service is enabled, so that your links don't become dead if the original source is changed.

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