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  1. Dev-C++ Silent Installation

    Wow, ive been away from this forum for ages, came back and saw my old post bumped up I'm still looking for a solution, it really screws up my silent installations folder
  2. Dev-C++ Silent Installation

    I'm looking for a silent switch for Bloodshed's Dev-C++ v4.9.9.2 (latest version). Its a NSIS installer, so i assumed /S but you still get prompted with a welcome dialog, and a "all users?" dialog. Is there any way to suppress them? Ty!
  3. A year later, Vista SP1 or XP SP3

    Surely if they cared that much, they would only allow 1 product key request from a person's "windows live" login? Thats what they did with Server 2003.
  4. A year later, Vista SP1 or XP SP3

    Nah, Windows Server 2008 is (legally!) free for over half a year (240 days), and its not much hassle to format that often. See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/948472 for the 240 day thing, and see http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en or http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2008...l-software.aspx for the ISOs, all geniune direct from Microsoft themselves
  5. hid dos windows.. cmdow replacement?

    hidcon.exe is the only one which I found to not be flagged as a "potentially unwanted app" by stupid virus scanners. I'm sure you can imagine the hassle I got running some of my own sfx packed portable apps (with cmdow) on peoples computers when their beloved "Norton extra bloated security bloatware" popped up saying I'd installed trojans on their PC http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/898d5c8...79f044540f88cb0
  6. Safely Remove Hardware Icon(that everyone hate)

    Sorry for a little bump again, but I felt this was relevant enough. People had problems with the icon not appearing before the (previously linked) removal tool ran on startup. I had the same, so I rewrote the same program in C++. It compiles to 5.5kb Heres the code: #include <stdlib.h> #include <windows.h> int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { if (argc==2) Sleep(atoi(argv[1])); NOTIFYICONDATA nid = {0}; nid.hWnd = FindWindow("SystemTray_Main", NULL); nid.uID = 1226; Shell_NotifyIcon(NIM_DELETE, &nid); } Simply place a startup shortcut to it, and optionally add to the parameters the time in milliseconds to wait before removal. For example: "hidesrh.exe 5000" would wait 5 seconds, then hide the icon. "hidesrh.exe" would instantly hide the icon. EDIT: someone requested a compiled version of my app, its here: hidesrh__dennis123123_.zip
  7. How does the Vista setup extract from install.wim?

    Yes, the header and lib are with the WAIK. "C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\SDKs\WIMGAPI\X86\*.*" When my program is written including the header file and linking the lib, surely it needs the dll file to be present somewhere to be able to use its functions? What i meant was that dll is not on the vista setup dvd at all, so where on earth does setup.exe find it?!
  8. How does the Vista setup extract from install.wim?

    Thanks for the reply, however I dont know how it can achieve this without the file Wimgapi.dll which the WAIK documentation refers to. this file is not present on the DVD (well I cant find it!) but it somehow finds a way. Am i overlooking something with regards to this? The API calls look easy enough to use if I can solve the dll issue.
  9. Hi, I wondered if someone could help me... I am trying to find out how the vista setup program or dvd extracts files from install.wim without any of the dlls/exes available in the WAIK for doing this. boot.wim lacks imagex.exe or wimgapi.dll, so it cannot be possible to use these. My reason for wanting to know is to try and lift the restrictions of needing 7zip or waik files for simply extracting files from WIMs
  10. Heres what I did when testing virus checkers - 1. Open up limewire/bearshare/edonkey etc 2. Search for things like "sex","keygen","britney spears", etc --- *WITH FILE TYPE .EXE* 3. Select all 4. Download 5. Select all the downloaded files 6. Press enter 7.
  11. Sorry for the slight bump in the topic... I just wanted to say im using NOD32, was v2.7 which was great - now its version 3, which is much more bloated, but still the best AV I have come across And a mini-rant @ Symantec... that company/program is pure EVIL!!! it is the most bloated, resource hogging piece of junk I have ever used And to the guy who said he used it and never had a virus... what you mean to say is that since you have installed it, it fails to detect any viruses you do get, unlike functional virus scanners
  12. PDF Version of Flyakite's Multiboot DVD Guide

    c'mon! upload again pleeeeeeeeeeease! edit: nvm! http://flyakite.msfn.org/ is back online
  13. PDF Version of Flyakite's Multiboot DVD Guide

    Yeah please megaupload.com or something that doesnt mind routers ^^ RS link is down, and RS is evil!!
  14. Right, I havent yet tried the new copycmd, but the reg entries dont work either - the files get put in the windir thtough txtsetup again, but it looks like the problem is DetachedProgram. Any more ideas? Ill try the new copycmd today.