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This is wierd, I hve been messing since your last post and still cannot get the full picture to be transparent, I can select half of the picture and it is transparent but when adding the other half the pink is no longer transparent :realmad:

I will continue and let you know my results, it is probably something obvious but I cannot think what.

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Well I have lost the use of my eyes but I have managed to do it. In the attached file are 2 bmps, one has a pink (transparent) line and the other doesn't, the one with the line shows as transparent and the other shows the pink background, go figure :wacko:

Because of the tree shapes instead of cutting out I used the background eraser tool and went as close as I dared to the picture, then after saving the image as described in a previous post, manually went around the image with a brush of 1 pixel size and painted over all the odd pixels that were not tranparent with the pink colour whilst constantly saving the bmp and checking the look of it on the system properties page.

Files Here try for yourself and see if you get the same problems I did.


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if u want to use transparency then u have to make sure the image is in 256 colour and use magic pink. if however u want to use more colours then u will have to make a 24-bit bitmap with 8bit alpha channel for the transparency. which is a pain in the a** todo if u dont have photoshop.

EDIT: Here is another cool site for fonts http://www.webpagepublicity.com/

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hmm, now i have 3 times System in my control panel

and when i click it, i got 3 times different sizes oemlogo :/

anyone else got this?

btw, another cool fontsite i found recently is www.dafont.com/en

it has a really cool preview function!

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