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Nero Custom Applications Builder (NCAB)


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I have it hosted already, I'll just wait for vcBlackBox authorization to post a download link.


Martin L has edited the first post and it is not available to download from my webhost.

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I have made a little batch file which deletes all unnecessary things from start menu.

It is optimised for a german installation.

How can I add a message at the end of the installation that tells me that the installation has beend successful?


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I think the BIG question is, will this ever support Nero 7 and if so how soon can we expect it. I am sure I am not the only one eagerly waiting for a way to install Nero 7 silently and with just the options that we want. Unfortunately the AutoIt script that used to work with Nero 7 also no longer works with the latest Nero 7 release.

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