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  1. Your v2 "fix" is perfect: SourcesS seems ok If i got enough time, I'll made a quick install in a VM to test tomorrow. Thanks ! Edit: test done installation went fine
  2. Hi ! I've made a test using hfslip-1.7.10_beta_K_v2, there's still a bug unfortunatly. Test made under WinXP SP3 Vmbox in the strictly same condition as usual when i use Mimo's version. I didnt used any newer option, only stock default settings were used. (i've didnt edit or mod hfslip-1.7.10_beta_K_v2.cmd) I've put HFSLIP.LOG and some screeny, here. As you can see in picture, only one subfolder has been created: I386\Svcpack,and some I386 files Folder size of I386: 234 Mb Files created in I386: 829 During hfslip execution, a quickly saw a notice about a missing Exclude.txt or something like this, maybe this is the problem ? I've didnt see anything else going wrong (i was wront of Hfslip execution during the whole process) Hope this help !
  3. Hi there I got the same error, latest hfslip is redirected here: http://hosting.zymic.com/500/ Could you please check again Mimo ? Tia Edit: it works fine now, ty Mimo ^^
  4. Hey Guys ! Finally i'm back after a little break I've updated Asc to remove support for Antivir 2012 (and old previous antivir version), and of course added support to: Avira Free Antivirus 2013 Quick Test in a Vbox with french and english Antivir version using Asc Gui and Asc in silent mode (in a prompt console). As usual everything should works fine, if not feel free to post here * Updated link on first page as usual. Advice: read the Faq (\Asc\Doc\_Readme.html) in section: "Using Asc with CmDLine", and "WebGuard & Ask Toolbar". There's a few change with ASC switches.
  5. I've made a test (virtualbox & win7 without uac) to create a fresh Antivir Free 2012 english build (avira.exe, v12.0.0.898) and then installed it using a command prompt: x:\path\to\avira.exe -y result: eveything went fine I've also test it using RunOnceEx regkey, everything went fine here too. I've never tried Wpi so I can't say i have no clue why "avira.exe -y" is not working with your Wpi script Maybe you got a problem with arg or/and quotes, syntax error in your Wpi script ? If you find a solution feel free to post here, this can be useful to others people. Once again, sorry but I have no idea. Good luck !
  6. New build: Changelog: Updated all url to newer setup Avira Free Antivirus 2012 + Asc Gui Languages files are all now put in \Lang\*.lng files; + others minor fix in sourcecode That's all for this build! Note: Please report here any bad url from 'Asc\Files\Settings.ini' Merry 'xmas and Happy new year to all Edit: Avira server seems slow in this day :/
  7. I have nearly the same problem in my latest una xp installation. I dont know what hotfix using hfslip has broken msiserver (windows installer) but after 1st logon i've fix it using this: 1. Reinstalling Windows installer 4.5 from here (in XP normal boot mode without using F8): http://www.microsoft...ls.aspx?id=8483 switch used: WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe /overwriteoem 2. Restarting XP in Safe Mode 3. In Safe mode, Start menu > Run > this command: msiexec /regserver then reboot in normal mode (without using F8) then Windows installer was working fine as usual Another bug i had, "my documents" was popping up each time after user logon, i've fix this with modifying a reg key: IN: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon>Userinit Replace your actual value with this: C:/windows/system32/userinit.exe (note: without comma at the end! And dont forget to change drive letter if using other than C drive...) Rebooted & My doc didnt poppedt again. Hope this help ! PS: for the 1st time i've used HfSlip from W7-86 >> maybe there's a problem using hfslip under W7 ? HFSLIP.7z
  8. @Sonic: Thanks for your feedback i'll fix that in the next build. @bbmak: Avira has not changed the setup filename for Antivir Free Personal, from their website here you can see that the download link is still the same for the english build : http://personal.avira-update.com/package/wks_avira/win32/en/pecl/avira_free_antivirus_en.exe Same applies for German or others languages, filename is still: /avira_antivir_personal_LNG.exe (Lng = language choosen) Note: Avira 2012 is the commercial application (not Free) available in a 30 days free trial, but this is not Antivir Personal (wich is Free). @all: if you want to use a different download link from avira website with Asc you just have to change filename & url, in Asc\Settings.ini Find [Yourlang]: and then change the url in: "Av_Url=" & filename in "Setup=" Fake example (don't use this!) [English] Setup=avira_antivir_personal_2666_en.exe Av_Url=http://personal.avira-update.com/package/wks_avira/win32/en/pecl/avira_antivir_personal_2666_en.exe SetupLngTxt=(EN) I'll check all language and fix if need the link & filename used by Asc but at least now everyone knows how to do it by themself :-)
  9. Ok ! I've found different link forwarding to Windows Messenger 5.1.0715 (FR). - Download page at www.01net.com - Direct link at microsoft.com Hope this is the good setup installer ? Including latest hotfix ?
  10. @Mimo: there's a typo on line 694 @ hfslipfc-xp.cmd : "Notification Notifications" Apart from that, did anyone know where to download french version of messenger.msi (Windows Messenger 5.1) ? (Is there a 'secret" link on ms website somewhere ?)
  11. New build: - Replaced Splash() by Toast() "Udf" to correct tooltip bug with Vista/7; Create & Add: Files\Ask_Removal.exe; + Add Ask Toolbar removal to switch -clight & cfull; many major others sourcecode change Note: Tested with Antivir 10 SP2 (French) using: asc light, webguard (ask toolbar) desactivation, everything works fine. As usual, download link has been updated in the first post from this topic. Regards, Cyberyeye
  12. New build: - Updated Dutch translation (thanks to Petersteenb) As usual, download link has been updated in the first post from this topic. Regards, Cyberyeye
  13. Thanks petersteenb New build: - Add Dutch translation (thanks to Petersteenb); Updated Avira icon & 7zsd.sfx; minor sourcecode change As usual, ASC download link has been updated in the first post from this topic. Regards, Cyberyeye
  14. New build: Changelog: Sourcecode Cleanup; Removed Antivir v9 support for Asc; Asc Light: remove again more files from vdf_fusebundle.zip (*.gz + avpack32.dll); + Webguard (Ask toolbar) checkbox; Antivir0.rdf is now download & updated That's all for this build! Now we got to wait a "true" Antivir v10 @ SP2 setup from Avira...
  15. @ Igorman: sorry for posting so lately, no I cant (didn't have time & i dont use Comodo) sorry.... @ petersteenb: i didn't know for this new Avira SP (summertime...) if there's no major change in antivir setup, it should be fine todo a new Asc build (I hope so) Edit: Antivir v10 English & German SP2 setup is still not available (avira server actually provide only an old build; SP2 is build x.690 or >). Untill Avira provide us new setup I can't do nothing more than Asc actually do (updating antivir setup with fresh viral definition files) We got to wait that Avira release a new setup (including SP2 files in it), that's it. Everybody can check Antivir setup build here, feel free to post here when Antivir setup'll include SP2 files (build > 690) Note: i've already done a new Asc build allowing to choose to install Webguard or not with Antivir 10 SP2, Webguard use & install Ask toolbar, of course if Webguard is not installed, Ask is not installed too, but in this case Antivir don't use Webguard too.
  16. Avira Antivir russian is now @ v10 that's why you got this error (Acc 1224 was using Antivir russian @ v9). New build: Changelog: Antivir Russian @ v10 Now Avira got all Antivir Personal Edition langage in v10, so this a good news for all users.
  17. Oooppps, I forgot tu use binary flag on my function in Asc sourcecode: _CreateNewAvira. I've rewrote this function from scratch (a few line) so this bug should be now... fix ! New build: Changelog: Rewrote function: _CreateNewAvira() (forgot in previous build to set FileOpen flag to binary (16) to "7zsd.sfx,config.txt,Antivir.7z,Avira.exe") Thanks again for your report ;-) If Asc v1224 is ok: please post your feedback here, then i'll now if my new code works... or not ^^ Regards
  18. Thanks for your report ;-) New build: is available Changelog: Fix encoding Ansi to Utf8 (config.txt + subdirectory ../Files >> Lang.ini, Settings.ini, setup.inf); + Minor Gui change: label & splashtext size are bigger So this bug on certain language should be corrected, post again if you still have this problem. Regards
  19. New build is up: Changelog: Add Finnish translation (thanks to System) Download link on the first page as usual
  20. Thanks a lot for you're translation I'll add this new one into the next build (in a few days I got a lot of works todo 'irl') @Zilexa: indeed it should works using SetupComplete or FirstLogonCommands
  21. As I expected, VC 2008 Atl x64 runtime, doesn't works with Antivir. I must be VC++ 2008 ATL x86 ortherwise Antivir setup will fail. Test has failed using VC++ 2008 Atl x64 on Win7 x64 Successful test using VC++ 2008 Atl x86 on Win7 x64 then Antivir is starting perfectly after "ROE": when user loggon Conclusion: Windows (XP, Vista/7) x86 or x64 need VC++ 2008 ATL x86 to be installed before starting Antivir v10. Hope this help
  22. I run many Roe different section only for cosmetic purpose, not for a technical reason. I've made a test in VM using 7 x86: with an existing profil account (not at oobe stage) i don't know if this change something (?). Roe.reg (Regfile to do an installation test when relogging) Install.cmd - vcredist_x86.exe (VC 2008 ATL x86 / v9.0.30729.4148) - Avira.exe; create with Asc "light options" Everything went fine: no errros or whatsoever. Unfortunatly I don't have a Win7 64 to do a test :/
  23. New ASC build: Changelog: Url fix for 'wksstats.dll.gz & build.dat.gz' in /Files/Settings.ini for almost all language. As usual download link is available on 1st page of this topic.
  24. VC++ 2008 SP1 (english) is v9.0.30729.17 VC++ 2008 ATL (english) is v9.0.30729.4148 ATL contain a security fix. You can consult this MS page to get a list of latest build of VC++ Runtime installer. Antivir PE 9 use: 9.0.30729.17 (SP1) Antivir PE 10 use: 9.0.30729.4148 (ATL) (only Russian setup is still a v9 version; every other langage of antivir setup are a v10) If you extract original setup from Avira website to see which version they are using you'll see that they are using only x86 runtime with antivir setup. They don't use x64 VC runtime at all. I admit that this is weird, but this is their choice. So by deduction you should use/test using x86 build for VC++ 2008 ATL runtime. I haven't time to test it... but it sound pretty logic to me to install the same build as Avira provide with Antivir original setup. Of course Vc++ 2008 Atl runtime must be installed BEFORE starting Antivir (PE10) setup ! On your Win7 media you can try this: Sources\$OEM$\$1\Install\install.cmd AutoUnattend.xml install.cmd Edit: Roe with Win7 x64 tips on this topic (to replace in my example: "rundll32.exe %systemdrive%\install\iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcess")
  25. I've wrote a executable (Autoit, src provide) for testing if VC 2008 Runtime is installed. Result is showing in a messagebox. - If the runtime is already installed a messagebox show a message. Then if Avira.exe is in the same dir a second messagebox ask if you're willing to start Antivir setup (avira.exe -y ; silent install). - If the runtime is NOT detected a messagebox is shown too, in this case there is not a 2nd msgbox (to install Antivir). Antivir 10 setup need this runtime: Visual C++ 2008 SP1 ATL Security Update Redistributable Package (x86) Note: Antivir original setup use only vcredist_x86.exe (if necessary) (vcredist_x64.exe is not include with Antivir official setup!) Maybe i'll put this into ASC oneday, i doubt that this is usefull....

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