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  1. Where is this thread? Should I use vLite for Server 2008 32 Bit if I want to install it as a workstation (Vista in fast) or not? What is important? Thanks.
  2. Now I have installed Vista SP1 (should have the same Kernel as Server 2008) and I don't have any problems...
  3. Whats the difference?
  4. How can I include the newest version of the WGA Plug-In and where can I get it? Thank you for help!
  5. I have made a little batch file which deletes all unnecessary things from start menu. It is optimised for a german installation. How can I add a message at the end of the installation that tells me that the installation has beend successful? optimize.cmd
  6. Is it possible to slipstream the newest update of DirectX 9.0c (February 2006) in a Windowx XP SP2 CD which was already edited with nLite? Is this useful or necessary? Thanks for help!
  7. Is it possible to edit the uninstall process? Because I have edited the Nero_Installer.cmd. Now the Nero Burning ROM.lnk is in Nero instead of Nero/Nero 6 Burning ROM/ in the starting menu and it will not be deleted on uninstall.
  8. How can I make or use a *.MST file? The FAQ link on the first site does not work. Now Iam at the screen where I have to search for "Office Setup MST file" What should I do next?
  9. Is it possible to delete all shortcuts which were not installed? And an option to disable NeroCheck.exe ?
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