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  1. Your v2 "fix" is perfect: SourcesS seems ok If i got enough time, I'll made a quick install in a VM to test tomorrow. Thanks ! Edit: test done installation went fine
  2. Hi ! I've made a test using hfslip-1.7.10_beta_K_v2, there's still a bug unfortunatly. Test made under WinXP SP3 Vmbox in the strictly same condition as usual when i use Mimo's version. I didnt used any newer option, only stock default settings were used. (i've didnt edit or mod hfslip-1.7.10_beta_K_v2.cmd) I've put HFSLIP.LOG and some screeny, here. As you can see in picture, only one subfolder has been created: I386\Svcpack,and some I386 files Folder size of I386: 234 Mb Files created in I386: 829 During hfslip execution, a quickly saw a notice about a missing Exclude.txt or something like this, maybe this is the problem ? I've didnt see anything else going wrong (i was wront of Hfslip execution during the whole process) Hope this help !
  3. Hi there I got the same error, latest hfslip is redirected here: http://hosting.zymic.com/500/ Could you please check again Mimo ? Tia Edit: it works fine now, ty Mimo ^^
  4. Hey Guys ! Finally i'm back after a little break I've updated Asc to remove support for Antivir 2012 (and old previous antivir version), and of course added support to: Avira Free Antivirus 2013 Quick Test in a Vbox with french and english Antivir version using Asc Gui and Asc in silent mode (in a prompt console). As usual everything should works fine, if not feel free to post here * Updated link on first page as usual. Advice: read the Faq (\Asc\Doc\_Readme.html) in section: "Using Asc with CmDLine", and "WebGuard & Ask Toolbar". There's a few change with ASC switches.
  5. I've made a test (virtualbox & win7 without uac) to create a fresh Antivir Free 2012 english build (avira.exe, v12.0.0.898) and then installed it using a command prompt: x:\path\to\avira.exe -y result: eveything went fine I've also test it using RunOnceEx regkey, everything went fine here too. I've never tried Wpi so I can't say i have no clue why "avira.exe -y" is not working with your Wpi script Maybe you got a problem with arg or/and quotes, syntax error in your Wpi script ? If you find a solution feel free to post here, this can be useful to others people. Once again, sorry but I have no idea. Good luck !
  6. New build: Changelog: Updated all url to newer setup Avira Free Antivirus 2012 + Asc Gui Languages files are all now put in \Lang\*.lng files; + others minor fix in sourcecode That's all for this build! Note: Please report here any bad url from 'Asc\Files\Settings.ini' Merry 'xmas and Happy new year to all Edit: Avira server seems slow in this day :/
  7. I have nearly the same problem in my latest una xp installation. I dont know what hotfix using hfslip has broken msiserver (windows installer) but after 1st logon i've fix it using this: 1. Reinstalling Windows installer 4.5 from here (in XP normal boot mode without using F8): http://www.microsoft...ls.aspx?id=8483 switch used: WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe /overwriteoem 2. Restarting XP in Safe Mode 3. In Safe mode, Start menu > Run > this command: msiexec /regserver then reboot in normal mode (without using F8) then Windows installer was working fine as usual Another bug i had, "my documents" was popping up each time after user logon, i've fix this with modifying a reg key: IN: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon>Userinit Replace your actual value with this: C:/windows/system32/userinit.exe (note: without comma at the end! And dont forget to change drive letter if using other than C drive...) Rebooted & My doc didnt poppedt again. Hope this help ! PS: for the 1st time i've used HfSlip from W7-86 >> maybe there's a problem using hfslip under W7 ? HFSLIP.7z
  8. @Sonic: Thanks for your feedback i'll fix that in the next build. @bbmak: Avira has not changed the setup filename for Antivir Free Personal, from their website here you can see that the download link is still the same for the english build : http://personal.avira-update.com/package/wks_avira/win32/en/pecl/avira_free_antivirus_en.exe Same applies for German or others languages, filename is still: /avira_antivir_personal_LNG.exe (Lng = language choosen) Note: Avira 2012 is the commercial application (not Free) available in a 30 days free trial, but this is not Antivir Personal (wich is Free). @all: if you want to use a different download link from avira website with Asc you just have to change filename & url, in Asc\Settings.ini Find [Yourlang]: and then change the url in: "Av_Url=" & filename in "Setup=" Fake example (don't use this!) [English] Setup=avira_antivir_personal_2666_en.exe Av_Url=http://personal.avira-update.com/package/wks_avira/win32/en/pecl/avira_antivir_personal_2666_en.exe SetupLngTxt=(EN) I'll check all language and fix if need the link & filename used by Asc but at least now everyone knows how to do it by themself :-)
  9. Ok ! I've found different link forwarding to Windows Messenger 5.1.0715 (FR). - Download page at www.01net.com - Direct link at microsoft.com Hope this is the good setup installer ? Including latest hotfix ?
  10. @Mimo: there's a typo on line 694 @ hfslipfc-xp.cmd : "Notification Notifications" Apart from that, did anyone know where to download french version of messenger.msi (Windows Messenger 5.1) ? (Is there a 'secret" link on ms website somewhere ?)
  11. New build: - Replaced Splash() by Toast() "Udf" to correct tooltip bug with Vista/7; Create & Add: Files\Ask_Removal.exe; + Add Ask Toolbar removal to switch -clight & cfull; many major others sourcecode change Note: Tested with Antivir 10 SP2 (French) using: asc light, webguard (ask toolbar) desactivation, everything works fine. As usual, download link has been updated in the first post from this topic. Regards, Cyberyeye
  12. New build: - Updated Dutch translation (thanks to Petersteenb) As usual, download link has been updated in the first post from this topic. Regards, Cyberyeye
  13. Thanks petersteenb New build: - Add Dutch translation (thanks to Petersteenb); Updated Avira icon & 7zsd.sfx; minor sourcecode change As usual, ASC download link has been updated in the first post from this topic. Regards, Cyberyeye
  14. New build: Changelog: Sourcecode Cleanup; Removed Antivir v9 support for Asc; Asc Light: remove again more files from vdf_fusebundle.zip (*.gz + avpack32.dll); + Webguard (Ask toolbar) checkbox; Antivir0.rdf is now download & updated That's all for this build! Now we got to wait a "true" Antivir v10 @ SP2 setup from Avira...
  15. @ Igorman: sorry for posting so lately, no I cant (didn't have time & i dont use Comodo) sorry.... @ petersteenb: i didn't know for this new Avira SP (summertime...) if there's no major change in antivir setup, it should be fine todo a new Asc build (I hope so) Edit: Antivir v10 English & German SP2 setup is still not available (avira server actually provide only an old build; SP2 is build x.690 or >). Untill Avira provide us new setup I can't do nothing more than Asc actually do (updating antivir setup with fresh viral definition files) We got to wait that Avira release a new setup (including SP2 files in it), that's it. Everybody can check Antivir setup build here, feel free to post here when Antivir setup'll include SP2 files (build > 690) Note: i've already done a new Asc build allowing to choose to install Webguard or not with Antivir 10 SP2, Webguard use & install Ask toolbar, of course if Webguard is not installed, Ask is not installed too, but in this case Antivir don't use Webguard too.

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