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[solution] Installing Office 2k3 On T-12


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Well, I've been using this for a while, and looks like there's more people wanting to use it. It's a little script making it possible to install Office at T-12. Maybe on other times, dunno, haven't tested those. Just be happy by the fact Office'll install perfectly fine.

Alright, another thing, only the versions I write here will work, if it isn't listed, don't try to use a script of another version, as it will NOT WORK, no doubt.

Make sure your transform is named "UNATTENDED.MST". Thanks. :)

Now, the apps, place the needed version in the root office folder, right next to "setup.exe" and "unattended.mst":

*links moved a bit down*

Two notes when using this:

  • For the love of god, only use this when you experience problems. It could very well be the installation works without this script!
  • There's a downside to this method, being that if you want to launch Office Update, you need to insert the disc. This happens because the installation files aren't cached (this saves disk space tho, I always manually delete those files anyway).

Before you start writing this script yourself, take a look if you can't use one of these precompiled scripts:

Office 2003 English Professional Edition


Office 2003 English Standard Edition

Download here (thanks to pontiacmn for this one)

Office 2003 Dutch Professional Edition

Download here

Alright, let's get started. If you don't want to read all this crap, just take a look at the simplified version in the attached template:




For the explanation, I will use the Office 2k3 ENG Professional script as a template.

<span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>1</span> First, learn to write and compile an AutoIT-script. See this topic for a decent explanation.

<span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>2</span> Here's the simple script:

Opt("SendKeyDelay", 1)
Opt("WinWaitDelay", 1)


WinWaitActive("Windows Installer")
WinSetState("Windows Installer", "", @SW_HIDE)

WinWaitActive("Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003", "1406")

WinWaitClose("Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003")

The first two lines (Opt...) makes sure the script runs as fast as possible.

The third line (Run...) runs the setup, using the specified MST-file. Note that the /QB parameter is used. When /QN is used, the installation will rollback and cancel when an error occurs. We don't want this to happen of course.

The fourth line (WinWaitActive...) waits until the window with the title "Windows Installer" pops up. This is a line you shouldn't change, as all .MSI-installers start out with this window.

The fifth line (WinSetState...) makes that same window invisible, so that no installer will be seen.

The sixth line (WinWaitActive...) waits until the window with title "Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003" and error code "1406" pops up. The title must be modified to the language version you use. You can only get to know this title by launching setup with /QB and letting the error occur.

The seventh line (Send...) sends ALT+I. When you hold ALT when the error dialog occurs, you see that one letter per button is underlined. You need to press ALT plus the underlined letter to activate that button. The button we want to press is "Ignore". Every language versions has a different name for that button, so also a different underlined letter. Please don't remove the "!", this represents the ALT.

The eighth line (WinWaitClose...) waits until the window called "Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003" closes. This is the same window as "Windows Installer", but has renamed itself. This title also differs from language version to version. This line is needed because otherwise the script will exit too soon, meaning that RunOnceEx/Batchfile/blah will continue, even while Office is still installing.


This post probably needs some updating, but I'll leave it like this for now. :)

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Alright, I'm less tired now. :P

Well, when Office is installed with /QN, it doesn't install. The reason? It gives an error, and because of that error the whole install is aborted. "Crap!" :)

But when the install is launched with /QB or /QR, the error is shown. It's an error revolving around some registry entry. That registry entry is needed for Error Sending. That same registry entry is GENERATED every time you launch Office anyway! So this is basically an AutoIt script which launches the setup with /QB, hides the spawned window and clicks "IGNORE" when the error pops up. Hey, it works! :)

I'll put up the simple script here soon, so anyone can use it. ^^

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I install anything at T-12. Everything's applied under Default User and Administrator, it looks waaaay better (with XPlode) and it's a bit faster (no reboot required after install) ^^

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just to be sure I understand this correctly I only need to run this exe and do not need to add the transform=blah blah to the batch? or do I still need to add it ?

And I assume this is just an Autoit Script? What is the passphrase so I can decompile it and have a look, if you don't mind?

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No parameters are needed.

Anyone care testing this version? It should work on any language-version now (well, using the Latin character set :P).

It doesn't have a passphrase, but AutoIt is pretty easy to hack 'nyway. :P a** I previously said, I'll explain the code when I have the time (not that it's too hard).

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I'll give it a try.

And one other question, do you know if not hiding the cmd window would interfere with the script?

Because the first time I ran it it just sat there until i minimized the window and saw the error message behind it, had to click cancel myself. ( I kept unhidden as a way to keep track of progress as I had the batch run 2 diff files and wanted to see if both were executed)

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I use your *.exe file to make a silent install of my Office 2003 Professional. It works good, but,...

The application install goods, but then the system stops. I need to make a reset to the pc, and then RunOnceEx.cmd works again, office didn´t install (its alredy done) and the other applications still installing in order.

This is my RunOncEx.cmd


cmdow @ /HID

@echo off

SET KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx

REG ADD %KEY% /V TITLE /D "Installing Applications" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\005 /VE /D "Office 2003" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\005 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\Install\Office_2003\officeexecENGpro.exe" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\008 /VE /D "Office Proofing Tools 2003" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\008 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\Install\OfficePTools\ptksetup.exe TRANSFORMS=pt_una.mst /qb-" /f

,... and so on


What do i need to do more?



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