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  1. Hi,... I have a lot of personal DVD films. In the Cdrom i have no problems seeing them. When i copy them to Hdd, the "MEDIA CENTER" can´t see the files an i can´t see the movies. With WMP11 i do not have problems. It happend the same in 3/4 computers that i have tested. Thanks Snow
  2. Hi,... Miles4 As i said i have th same problem, but i dont use RyanPostSP2Updates. So,...
  3. Hi,... I have exactely the same problem with Miles4. And i dont know how to solv it,... Thanks snow
  4. Hi,... I try to integrate the new version of drivepack. The older versions works good to me. When i try to integrate the new version in a new windows cd, or in one with the older drivepak i have this error. could not copy chipset drivers`.inf files from \$oem\$1\d\c\i\xp to \$oem\$$\inf i have downloaded the files twice for two diferent computers and i have the same error. Can somebody help me. thanks edusnow
  5. Hi,... I think that you could make somethink like that. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\DateTime\Servers] @="1" "1"="time.windows.com" "2"="time.nist.gov" "3"="" "4"="clock.isc.org" "5"="timekeeper.isi.edu" "6"="usno.pa-x.dec.com" "7"="tock.usno.navy.mil" "8"="tick.usno.navy.mil" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\TimeProviders\NtpClient] "SpecialPollInterval"=dword:00015180 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But i like when I "merge" this *.reg, the Internet Time check box, begins/stay active. How can i do that? thanks snow ps - the @="1" makes that internet time address, the default.
  6. Hi,... It seems to me that you have the same problem than I. Do you have a Sata disk? If you have you must install the driver,... snow
  7. It seams to me that ate guys with a lot of fun,... I know that i must install the sata drivers. In a unattented instalation in a lot of 800 pc´s I "dont know" what sata drivers to install. Ok? - If you know, may be you can tell me how, in a unattented instalation. In normal way, I dont need,.... thanks snow
  8. Hi,... i have a unattented instalation of windows that works very good, in ide hdd´s. With the same image in sata hdd´s, it install goods but in the first reboot, the system stops "i have a blue screen". I solve the problem making the first instalation in ide hhd, then i make a ghost to sata hdd, and it works. I think that is a sata driver problem. How can i solve the problem. thanks snow
  9. Hi,... It is possibled to have the name of the logged user in the "start button" or near the clock in the "taskbar" thanks snow
  10. Opps,... It is working only in the logged user. If i switch to other user, the recycle bin stays there. snow
  11. Hi,... It is ok now. I install the TweakUi and the Regshot. With the first i "hide" the Recycle Bin, and made a second shot with the Regshot. I analyse the diferences and,... made a reg file like that,.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [Hkey_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\HideDesktopIcons\NewStartPanel] "{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}"=dword:00000001 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then i made a merge of that file with the registry and it works, after logout/login. thanks to you Zxian and DonDamn. Snow
  12. Hi,... I try in my Unatented Xp instalation, that i d´ont have any icons on my desktop. The recycle bin seams to stay .I have to try a lot off modifications with Regedit, but none works to me. Can anynone helps to me who to do that? thanks snow
  13. ok,.... i wait to test it,... thanks snow
  14. Hi,... This card is not supported by WIn Xp. I have already made a lot of instalations off XP on machines with that card, and i need in the end, to install the drivers, that i made the download on a DRIVERS SITE. thanks snow
  15. Hi,... I have already made a dvd with xp and your drivers. I made a lot of experiments and it works ok. I have some old Vga S3 Trio 3D/2X, that your driverspack didn´t install. - question - it is normal? I have the drivers, do you want them, or it is a old grafics board and " it is better to forget " thanks snow
  16. Hi,... again I made the dvd, and made a test and all runs perfectly well. When i add the drivers to the Dvd in the 3th question i answer no "to delete the files". Where can i change that. "to delete the drivers folder". thanks snow
  17. It is working thanks snow ps - if you come to portugal in one of this days,... i pay to you a bear,...
  18. You think?!! So,.... c:\XPTO, then,... inside i have,... \I386 - with all files \$OEM$ - with $1 folder, $2 folder, cmdlines.txt and RunOnceEx.cmd \UWXPCD_ROOT - with DPfiles folder, M1 folder and RUN_ME.cmd ,... I suppose that i haven´t spaces I made another try with all the folders in the root of c:\ and i have the same result. thanks snow ps - thanks for your fast reply,.... again
  19. Hi,... I did all the thinks thay you say to do,... i hope 1 - I made the 9 drivepack downloads. 2 - i copy them to the DriverPacks folder. 3 - then i run the sleepstreamer to generate the UWXPCD folder. 4 - i have the generated UWXPCD folder with no errors. 5 - i create a folder XPTO, and put inside, the folders I386, $OEM$, UWXPCD folders. 6 - Then inside the UWXPCD folder i run the RUN_ME.cmd In that point i have same errors and the firts is: Cant find I386 thanks for your fast reply snow
  20. Hi,... I download all or files and i use method 1 "BTS_DPs_Slipstreamer_Vxxx.cmd". It is all ok. I put the generated folder in the same "root" than I386. When i run the RUN_ME.cmd in the UWXPCD_ROOT, that is with I386, and $OEM$, i have one error saying that i do not have I386. What i hado do wrong? thanks snow
  21. Hi,... This is my runonce.cmd switch. I suppose that is the same. REG ADD %KEY%\010 /VE /D "7Zip" /f REG ADD %KEY%\010 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\Install\7Zip\7z423.exe /S" /f snow
  22. /ipconfig all or ipconfig /all ? start - run - cmd - ipconfig /all i suppose!!!! snow
  23. Hi,... As i know the updats must be instaled in "order order"!!!! I made my updats with the SVCPACK metod, and are two in the end that dónt install, because then i install Proofing Tools 2003, that need to install them in the end. So,... i install that 2 fixes just before the "login". snow
  24. Hi,... Maybe is not the correct place,... but,.. I would like to make a silent install off wsftp le. Can anybody help? - My iss files didnt work thanks snow

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