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Registry Tweak Program? Useful?

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I was thinking of creating a program which contained all registry tweaks, would be a nice interface with checkboxes for the user to select the tweaks and then compile the reg file at the end.

I was wondering if you think this could be useful or not bother, wouldnt want to create a program no one would use. I like to have the opinion of the people I set off :) im mike btw the guy who created the original unattended site which I gave to aaron.

anyways any ideas etc shot em in here plz.


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There is one program like this at SourceForge, personally I am using TweakoMatic to create vbscript files...

But go on, registry generator looks like good function :) Just one thing, include "settings library" outside and make it open for people, who want to edit it...

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I have created a program to tweak your computer but it doesnt have a GUI, thats on it way after the release of v2

My program is ment to be put on an unattended disk and run either at T12 or at login, the settings are kept in an ini file layout just like winnt.sif

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make it compatible with the upcoming DB on the Unattended site? :P

It was gonna have checkboxes to select multiple registry tweaks, and then have them printed on screen for a direct copy paste into text file and go.

Perhaps run a forum search for RegTweakXP....

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This one have an option of dumping all your registry modifications to the .reg file.

But if you going to compile ALL reg tweaks from http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=27911 topic AND add descriptions for all of them... Hm...

It would be another version of the http://www.x-setup.net/ (current one required some payment, but you still can find v6.2, which is freeware)

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