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  1. Being OEM is it not a royalty OEM where it would preactivate and you can use the OEM's key on all 100 computers.
  2. Windows XP Updates Downloader

    It'd be pretty cool if you would add support for other versions of Windows, such as Windows XP 64-Bit and Windows Server 2003.
  3. Registry Tweaks Pt 3

    sweet! thanks.
  4. cmdlines.txt ignored

    you could always add a pause line in the batch file to see if its executing cmdlines.txt just having a problem with the batch file.
  5. Txtsetup.sif Questions

    no one?
  6. in my txtsetup.sif file i have this under [sourceDisksFiles] Basically I get an error during a network unattended that the file is missing, but it skips it the first time and prompts me the second time. Just curious if its safe to remove teh second one or if anyone knows the exact difference between 301 and 303, thanks.
  7. Registry Tweak Program? Useful?

    looks great, can't wait to see the release.
  8. I don't personally use this but I would imagine you could point it to any server, ex www.timeserver.com but haven't tested it. EDIT Nope it doesn't work, found some time servers to test.
  10. Need Some Help With Runonceox

    I took this straight from Gosh's page
  11. First off I would like to thank everybody that's helped and this wonderful forum with so much information. I use a dell image (XP PRO) and I can install it from that CD and work fine. But the instant I integrate RYANVM's Pack it doesn't work. I dug through a little of his cab but didn't really see anything like a registry tweak or that. So I'm curious if its maybe an update he's integrated. My problem is that I have a few computers join to a domain but I always build the computers back at my desk then move them to their spots, and when trying to login it won't detect the mouse and keyboard that is different from mine. I can use mine only if I plug them into the exact USB ports they were setup on. I can setup them up if I'm logged in and have my keyboard plugged in as well as theirs I can manage to install it, but I shouldn't have to do this on every machine. I'm just curious if any of you have seen this. Also if I login to windows I get the Found New Hardware Wizard witht the "Can windows connect to Windows Update to search for software" then Yes, this time only; Yes, now and everytime I connect a device; and No, Not this time. [EDIT] Basically I need windows to automatically go ahead and install the drivers for a mouse or keyboard at login. So I can login.
  12. Runoncex.inf Runs Only If In Windows\inf

    You can run the .inf from cmdlines.txt (I know cause I do it) but you have to put a specific path (ie C:\APPS\WHATEVER) or have it be alongside cmdlines.txt. Also you can run the .inf straight from the .inf file you add the following lines at the end. HKLM,"%RunOnce%\Setup","",0,"rundll32 iernonce,RunOnceExProcess" [strings] RunOnce = "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce"
  13. Installing Xp Corp And Applying Oem Sticker

    If this is the case Dell would have some 'special' deal with Micrsoft to allow this, thus not applying for all OEMs.
  14. .net 1.1 Silent

    download .net from here http://www.ryanvm.net/msfn/ and it'll do the work for you.
  15. Problems With Text Based Setup For Xp

    From what I see there are two Hardware Ids PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_5275 PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_7275 you'll want to add them both.