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  1. msiexec /i WindowsDefender.msi /qb taskkill /f /im MSASCui.exe taskkill /f /im MsMpEng.exe
  2. start /wait %systemdrive%\Installs\SetPoint\setpoint246enu.exe -s -f1%systemdrive%\Installs\SetPoint\setup.iss
  3. The sucker still restarts for me at the end of the unattended install. Everything works, and the log file indicates the install operation completed successfully, but, it still RESTARTS.
  4. Has anyone had any luck with Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0? The /qb switch that worked with version 3.0 no longer seems to work. It generates an error window that simply says "Error".
  5. I've been using the code from this web site for two years and it has worked perfectly. Several months ago, it stopped working. I've copied and pasted the Quick Launch registry tweak, and, it no longer works. Something has changed. I think many of the recent responses to this poet are based on 'old' experiences, and not recent experiences. Something has changed and I haven't figured it out yet. Anyone have any recent successes with turning on Quick Launch?????
  6. I've experienced this on a few machines. It has always been due to not having the correct graphics card drivers slipstreamed into the XP setup disc. Once I integrated the correct video drivers into $OEM$\$1\Drivers, the resolution settings in winnt.sif worked fine.
  7. I use IrfanView to set the transparency. It's easy to do and it works.
  8. Do you have a hidden partition that is used to restore your system. One of my PCs had one and it caused problems with the XP setup disc. It would boot on the CD, would delete the C: partition (which was an extended partition in this case), but would not write any files to it. The fix was to delete the hidden partition.
  9. I am still having problems with the 'already installed' feature. These items can still be selected and WAIT tries to reinstall them. The DoNotInstallAlreadyInstalledApps" flag that was introduced in version .18 does not work in version .19a. It generates an error when WaitCfg.exe runs, and it is removed from the .ini file. WAIT also tries to install items that are hidden via HideIf. And, if HideIf items are hidden because a file is not found (the '-' prefix is used), and the hidden item 'Excludes' other programs, the excluded items can not be selected when Select All is used.
  10. I have cookies turned on, but the WAIT forum will not let me register. Just as well...I, too, prefer not to register on yet another site. The new 'Already Installed' feature is great and lets me use the program for my unattended software installs. Thanks! I noticed that when you 'select' an 'Already Installed' item, or Select All, the LedOn icon is displayed, which indicates the 'Already Installed' item is now selected. Then, if you click on 'Select None', the LedOn icons continue to display for only the 'Already Installed' items. It's a bit confusing, and it would be great if this was modified so that the LedOn icon never displays for 'Already Installed' items.
  11. The msi in the update package is not a full install...it looks for an existing install and terminates if one is not found. I ran the original diskeeper.msi with the /a switch to create an administrative install. Then ran the update diskeeper.msi with the /a switch, which updates the administrative install. Installing the updated administrative diskeeper.msi (delete the update msi file in the administrative folder and use WinRAR to compress the remaining files in the administrative install folder) with the /qb switch then works and installs build 524.
  12. I do it with IrfanView. When you Save As and select the .ico format, IrfanView has an option to save the transparent color. It then lets you select the transparent color. It's very simple to do.
  13. Very nice program! A few suggestions: An option to automatically close the program after selected apps are installed would be great. An option to restart the PC when installing apps that require reboot is needed. Running in a window vice full screen (so the taskbar is accessible) would be great. Accepting the location of wait.cfg as a parameter passed to wait.exe would allow more flexibility for my purposes. Hope you keep developing/refining it. It is easy to configure and use, which is helpful to me. Thanks.
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