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Need a suggestion for a download manager!


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I hope this is the right place to ask this question... I usually attend the "Unattended Windows" forum - and I like it! :thumbup

After installing my Unattended WinXPPROSP2+updates cd I have had trouble with my downloadmanager (Download Accelerator Plus - DAP) and I would like a suggestion for another, new, better, fully functional downloadmanager.

So please, ladies and gentlemen give this request Your best shot :w00t:

Thanx in advance

/ SwedenXP

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Dear Mr prathapml. I do believe that Your are right! ReGet Deluxe is cool :whistle: But I think I´ll settle for ReGet Pro...

Hopefully it´s possible to integrate it in the "unattended xp pro cd"

And when I have learned all it´s tricks - I´ll be really happy :thumbup


/ SwedenXP

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Reget is the best in many ways.... perfectly suited for uA installs as well.

You can do this to integrate it:

1. Install in normal way, and configure it (set UI to expert mode) to how you like it.

2. Copy away the folder "C:\Program Files\reget" into "$OEM$\$Progs\" on your CD.

3. Copy away "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Reget" folder to "$OEM$\$Docs\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\" on your CD.

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