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  1. Hi, This may have been covered in this forum many times but doing a search for 'Windows Setup' causes a LOT of hits... Basically, the screen that asks you if you want to turn on security centre stuff and then asks you for user details with the music... how do i get it to bypass this and log straight in as admin? I have done this before but cannot remember for the life of me! don't want to do it as full unattended as i want to be able to partition drives and install several different keys etc. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all, Just ran into a tiny little snag, just about finished my unattended DVD but when i came to uninstall my version of partitionmagic to create a setup.iss it just refused to uninstall, completely! if anyone else would be kind enough to pass on a copy of their setup.iss (without serial of course ) i would be very grateful Thanks!
  3. I know that this may be teaching you to suck eggs but is it an admin install version of the office installer?
  4. Hi, Just a thought here, i have both XP corporate and Media Centre 2005, as media centre 2005 is effectively windows XP pro until the final stages can i integrate the CMPNENTS folder onto the corporate CD? would really appreciate any input at all!
  5. just off the top of my head its something simple like: "COPY %SystemDrive%Install\appropriate folder\appropriate file %SystemDrive%\Appropriate folder\" /f but i have been known to have been wrong
  6. Added! Like that place, think i might use it more often! Here it is! Hope you like it
  7. in all honesty never configured anything else but standard... you got somewhere i can dump it so you can take a look?
  8. Used to use bittornado, individual GUI's for each download just got a little messy after a while
  9. Wouldn't you be able to do an /A install on this like you can with Autoroute? mebbe if that works it will combine all the data in the admin install..
  10. If anyone is interested, i have found an exceptionally good bit torrent client called BitLord, one that i am actually happy with i have created a silent installer for the application so if anyone wants it then please let me know. (does have some ad's in it, but nothing too terrible! kind of like a goodle link like above.)
  11. Doogal


    Nightshift monitoring server backups
  12. Another way of speeding it up is to merely disable a lot of the services in XP, it will stop you having to sweat using something like nLite and removing services that you are unsure of and if you come across any problems you can always restart the service that is affecting your machine... there is a good website that someone has spent a long time on about services, what they do and how safe it is to disable. wait a minute... Here it is! (credits to BlackViper) with this you can cut a lot of fat safely it is good if you are unsure of what you can or cannot do
  13. It is true that companies do not have to give you an exact copy of windows and they can distribute it in any given form they see fit, installations like these can be created in applications like sysprep which is given away with bulk packs of XP installation CD's. Many companies use these, especially the likes of HP, Compaq and Dell. If i ever receive a disk like this with any machine then the first thing i do with the install is format it and create a new one using an original Microsoft version... If you have a friend/colleague with an original type installation CD then see if you can make a copy (before anyone says anything about piracy, you pay for the license and not the installation CD) and install from that using the key generally stuck onto your box. As the installation files of your OS have been effectively reprogrammed as the manufacturer see's fit then it could be excessively difficult for you to remove all of the gubbins that they want you to have.
  14. Doogal


    in all honesty, the executive on my machine is paged to the RAM so speed on the majority of things isn't too dependant on anything else...
  15. First thing that springs to my mind on this is that the GPU could be fried.. not good that on a thinkpad it will of course be integrated.. This would explain why in low graphical conditions it seems to work fine but isn't happy running anything higher.

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