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Norton or McAfee?

What do you prefer for protection of viruses,hacking etc.  

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  1. 1. What do you prefer for protection of viruses,hacking etc.

    • Norton
    • McAfee

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I have had experience with mcfee and none of my experience were bad. i only say norton because i have found in conjuction with a decent spyware program (aluria) and norton system tools / NIS and a good router i haven't been hacked and havn't had a virus and havn't had spyware in months (that is not an invitation! :)

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... and many other people use it as well.

Exactly...why i don't recommend it, as the most popular it also has the disadvantage of being the most targeted

Additionally I've seen Norton bypassed to easily in the past. All at the cost of lots of system resources.

Mcaffe's detection as well as ease on system resources is alot better that Norton's.

Personally I find Kaspersky to be on top of the game in terms of detection, it's not very friendly with system resources, so I'm still deciding on a resident (on-access) scanner. Mcaffe so far seems to be the top contender in that area.

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Yeah. I think im going to get Norton anti-virus but keep my other Mcafee things....:)

I would reccomend just Using one or the other as it may lead to them fighting one another.

Just for the record I use Norton Corp v9. It has more options if running a network, and doesn't require Activation. Ive never had a problem with it. Macafee is ok to. But I don't like its Long load time or its GUI.

I will have to say that If I were using NAV 2005 I would kill myself, I install it on many Computers at Clients Requests, but if they have SP2 installed; Man does it hate SP2. You have to tweak a few settings to make it work correctly. And takes a long time to activate and Update the virus Defintions. Not only that but after a fresh install of Windows XP w/SP2 then you install NAV 2005, you have to Run the Live Update, (Naturaly), but every time it updates you need to Restart your computer after each Live Update. :realmad: . Macafee doesn't have these problems. Athoulgh NAV 2004 doesn't have these problems ethier.

My $0.01. worth :hello:

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