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Microsoft's AntiSpyware (Beta) Install


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nope as the $OEM$ folder doesnt get copied to the hard disk.

it should reside in $OEM$\$1

and be called from %systemdrive%\cleanup.cmd

as anything in $oem$\$1 gets copied to the system drive root, which is represented by %systemdrive%.

You can of course call the cmd file from the CD, and save copying it to hard disk using OEM folders, no offence but with 6 posts your probably wont know how to do that.

Installing apps and running commands from CD saves copying files to hard disk for a cleaner and faster (no time copying) install.


Is actually very easy. You just create a new directory on the root of your CD and create CD.TXT. And add the code in that link to each .cmd file where you are using the %CDROM% variable.

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@Mekrel...No Offense???

Well excuse me for asking a question, big guy.... Apparently these forums aren't for asking questions, maybe even "stupid to those who have done more than 1 uA cd".

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I didnt actually mean any offence at all. I actually answer alot of questions and help people, heck i even explained to a person how to use .REG files with picture guides when everybody else told him to search.

I was merely suggesting that with 6 posts, you may not know how to run from CD yet. Ive only just converted to CD installs about 2 weeks ago, and because of that i added a link to help you read on how to do it, if you were interested.

I honestly meant nothing bad by it :}

Edit: Of course your post count doesnt always mean your level of capability, but i was just trying to be helpfull.

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Yeah I can see what you mean, i was just going from person experience. Running from CD meant 2 things for me:

Getting rid of SFX which extracted to the hard disk - as this defeated the point of installing from CD

This means converting most my installers to 7zip ones which extract to temp locations which will get cleared :)

If you have download the installer i made from this post, then dont use it. I have an updated one im going to put up and edit the download links accordingly.

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All download locations updated,

Now ive tested this fully in a unattended enviroment, a real live install and not VMware, and the installer works with no 101 error.

Now the installer is set to install to default location


%Program Files%\Microsoft Antispyware

and thats where gcasDtServe is being registered, the only way I can think its not working for others if they change the install destination, but i cant see how they can without changing the .msi install command line to include a destination.

Please give feed back, cant use .ini as the .exe which calls the msi is needed, which isnt extracted to the temp directory.

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I actually am using it, and with following along on the thread, I got it to work. The only thing wrong is that it leaves a shortcut to the program on the desktop and it doesn't need to be there.


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Whoops, sorry....

but I have been building my uA on a cd-rw so recreating it is no problem. I haven't graduated to using VMware or anything sofisticated yet. Still very much learning the basics.

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Vmware is very easy, its like using a normal PC, it has a bios and everything.

Its like a PC on a PC :P and very good for unattended testing except for device drivers as vmware uses "virtual devices" so your integrated drivers obviously wont be used.

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Its good to see you guys worked it out...

Mekrel, I personally hate waiting 30 seconds to download something from rapidshare. Not to knock the service. You get what you pay for...

But if you want a mirror I'll put it on my server. As soon as I test it of course ;-) Its only 5.5 megs and it doesn't look like the download count is going crazy.

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REG ADD %KEY%\040 /VE /D "Microsoft Anti-Spyware" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\040 /V 1 /D "%PP%\MSAnti-Installer.exe" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\040 /V 2 /D "\"%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft AntiSpyware\gcasDtServ.exe\" /regserver" /f

This code works for me using the 2nd version of mek's installer.

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Ok guys if anybody else is having troubles with MS AntiSpyware freezing the WPI installation or the 101 error here is one more solution how to bypass those troubles.

1. First you must use the MS AntiSpyware.msi for install the program

2. Use the file server.exe wich wil put batch file in the MS Antispyware folder and run it.

In your config.js use these lines for MS Antispyware

cmd1[pn]=['%systemdrive%\\install\\AntiSpyware\\micro.msi /qn']

You must put the server.exe in the same folder as the .msi file( example:\$OEM$\$1\install\AntiSpyware )

here is the file:


I have tested it, and it is working fine with no errors. :thumbup

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