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  1. install k-lite codec pack 2.25 on your computer using the command line switch /SAVEINF="%SYSTEMDRIVE%\install.inf" copy the inf file to the install directory for your XP cd. and then when you want to silent install use /SILENT /SP- /LOADINF="install.inf" works great!!! I recommed downloading from here because most of the links above require a sign up or something [url="http://www.codecguide.com/"]http://www.codecguide.com/[/url]
  2. Still get the 101 error. Just tested it on a live pc. All install locations are default
  3. Hey no problem, Glad to help. Thanks a lot for the installer it works great. However I use this on clients computers so I only need a few basics in the installer. flash plugin ie view extension all in one gestures extension tab browser prefs extension My homepage. Is there a way to remove all your extensions and plugins? Sounds good..How about: removing ADT (Advanced Developer Tools) Component. So can I just add back the plugins for ebay and amazon and remove the ones for MSFN etc from the xpi. Also you didn't say which xpi. Is it browser.xpi?
  4. Its good to see you guys worked it out... Mekrel, I personally hate waiting 30 seconds to download something from rapidshare. Not to knock the service. You get what you pay for... But if you want a mirror I'll put it on my server. As soon as I test it of course ;-) Its only 5.5 megs and it doesn't look like the download count is going crazy.
  5. On my dvd space isnt an issue. But on my CD I'm pushing it already.
  6. BTW The computer doesnt have to be rebooted just the task killed. Then it boots normally and works fine.
  7. Wait which post did you update? I just reread them all. Did you upload a new exe?
  8. I know I'm right. So whats the problem? How can we fix it. I'm in a testing with VMWare mood, so lets roll.
  9. because if you have to install program c between program A and Program B you are SOL. You have to renumber your whole list. Where this applies I have no idea because you already have 3 commands you can run from one check box. So if you later on want to add a reg file you can use those. But I think its just generally good coding to leave spaces. At least thats what I remember from my BASIC class in highschool. Any way it says so in the instructions, RTFM (always wanted to use that acronym) you must do as the instructions command.
  10. How do you get rid of the blue bar at the top and bottom of the page? I dont see any css for the DIV t
  11. Ah Ill just resign myself to using it as is. thanks for the responses. Just a crazy idea .
  12. After Reboot and completion of WPI installations. Everything works. MSAnti spy is in the system tray and already monitoring changes. So your installer works for me, although it doesnt seem to be doing the embedding? Or is my WPI script messed up? So what is the reboot command for WPI?
  13. When I run just the installer you made on a clean computer I get the 101 error. If I then run the embed it works fine from then on. The issue with the WPI is probably not an issue. I didnt know that runonce would continue after a reboot. I just ended the task which seemed to be waitng for something and rebooted and it continued the silent installs. When It finishes I'll see if MSanti works. So If it does work I could just add a reboot command to the WPI script prog[pn]=['Microsoft Antispyware'] desc[pn]=['Anti Spyware'] cmd1[pn]=['%CDROM%\\install\\MSA.exe'] cmd2[pn]=['"%systemdrive%\\Program Files\\Microsoft AntiSpyware\\gcasDtServ.exe" -Embedding'] cmd3[pn]=['"REBOOT HERE" cat[pn]=['Security'] pn++
  14. @mekrel Your exe works if you run the emmbed afterwards. However it halts my WPI during an unattended. By Works I mean if I just run the exe from a fresh computer and the Strat->run->.....-embed prog[pn]=['Microsoft Antispyware'] desc[pn]=['Anti Spyware'] cmd1[pn]=['%CDROM%\\install\\MSA.exe'] cmd2[pn]=['"%systemdrive%\\Program Files\\Microsoft AntiSpyware\\gcasDtServ.exe" -Embedding'] cat[pn]=['Security'] pn++ It doesnt crash the install. Just sits there not doing anything after it pops up saying virus defs have been updated.
  15. I've been using WPI for a while and I like it. The thing I dont like now is I'm using a DVD that has a ton of programs to install from. The installations work perfectly. Heres my problem. I put in my UA cd and boot the computer using whichever winnt.sif I need on floppy. Then I leave and come back later and I choose which programs to install and then I come back later and it works. OK I KNOW Its Windows POST Install. But the GUI on it is sweet and It would be awesome if I could use that gui at some much earlier point to choose which programs, up to 2.5 gigs worth, I want to install. I know I'm lazy. But then I wouldn't have to be home an hour after the windows install to choose which programs to install. I know I could use a cmd or runonce to install the programs but then I'd have to have tons of differently configured start.cmds.....you see my problem. Am I dreaming. Can I forget putting in the disk, choosing the programs and coming back 3.5 hours later with my desktop ready for work? Again, this is probably not what WPI is for, but the gui man, the gui. Its hard to enough to get my partner to remember which winnt.sif file to use.
  16. Just to clarify. CMD is called from GuiRunOnce or cmdlines.txt? Or does it matter?
  17. That worked. tx I went ahead and got eagles runonce creater and changed over to runonce.cmd Im installing on vmware now. to see if that works.
  18. If I set cdrom to r: it at least gives me a path in the error. now it says R:\Applications\.... could not be found. Since I know that the cdrom is drive d I SET CDROM=d: And everything works perfectly. However when use this on a computer with 2 HDD etc it may not be the d drive. help.... if I run a cmd that just sets cdrom to r: from cmdlines.txt and then run the installations from my batch at start.cmd will that work? When does the cdrom have to be set for my batch to work?
  19. %CDROM%\$OEM$\$1\install\Applications\netframe\netfxsp11.exe Why install from a CD what you have on your HDD.? Probably a typo. Great thread, but I still haven't figured out how to install from CD. Yeah I'm dense. I don't use use runonce.cmd I use start.cmd.: CLS @echo off TITLE Windows XP SP2 Unattended Installation ECHO Installing Norton start /wait %CDROM%\Applications\NAV2003\NAV\NAV.msi /QB Echo Installing acrobat reader 7 start /wait %CDROM%\Applications\acroread7.exe ECHO Installing Java start /wait %CDROM%\Applications\j2re.exe /s /v"/qn REBOOT=Suppress ADDLOCAL=ALL IEXPLORER=1 NETSCAPE6=1 MOZILLA=1 JAVAUPDATE=1 WEBSTARTICON=1" EXIT The problem is I always get an error saying windows can't find \Applications\..... So I guess it does't know where %CDROM% is. any quick advice?
  20. Somebody sticky this thread!!!! And also make the real search area more visible. Ive been useing the crappy google one which wont restrict to topic areas. doh!!!
  21. Alright I've searched but can't find good documentation about using autoit to automate installs product ids etc... any links would be great.
  22. Stupid question but where do you put the installation files on the dvd before you create the bootable image? If they are in the $OEM$ folder they get copyied to the harddrive during installation. aaaaaaaaaaaaashould they just be in a folder inline with $OEM$? Alright I guess I could have tested it in the tim eit tooklto post....
  23. Are there any application switches for cybersitter? I'd like to setit up and have the sites that need to be blocked already setup.
  24. @Mhz- I know how to create a winnt.sif but how do I make the cd look on a floppy for the winnt.sif? What file does that need to be in?

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