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Is it faster for windows...


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You should always leave, at least a small sized pagefile in system disk.

If second disk fail on startup, Windows will never boot without VM. Also system debugging / mem dumps only work if there is some VM allocated in master disk.

IMHO setting "System managed size" for both disks is faster (especially on SCSI/SATA disks) and much more safe.


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@Yzowl This topic has come up before and this is the first time I have seen the article you point to and the first time I have seen a proper explanation of the goings on in page, swap and vm. I have read several articles in the past by people who I thought were somewhat in the know about this topic and none indicated the factors listed in the article you point to. I was under the same impression that Jeremy was/is. I have run Windows without any pagefile space allocated in the past and never saw any problems. Also, it appears that Blackviper is not fully knowledgable about this but did indicate that different configurations and programs were going to have different effects.

So it boils down to this:

1) Always have pagefile(s), the larger the better if you are short on memory and always have a sufficient amount regardless. You need to figure out how much you need.

2) If you have a second HDD, put a greater portion of your pagefile there. This should ease the load your main HDD might have. You will need to adjust this, depending on the speed of your second HDD. If you are running a game off the second HDD then you are going to want more of the pagefile on the main HDD (running a game off the second HDD, particularly if the second is faster, speeds up loading of the game but not sure how much it helps otherwise). Spreading the load should reduce the strain on the main HDD and lower the chance of HDD failure and increase the lifespan of the main HDD. Putting more of the strain on the second HDD would be safer than overloading the main because if you are going to have a failure, it would be better on the second (assuming your OS is on the main).

3) More RAM doesn't hurt. Just expensive.

Please post corrections, ammendments. Everything above is what I distilled from what I have read.

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