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HFSLIP (original thread)

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My going-wrong-part, accorrding to Bilou, is something with IE or a part of it (like that wapi.dll thingy). Haven't checked it yet, but i think he's right.

[edit] I do am wondering now....which WHLApi.dll should i use ? The most logical one seems the latest version, aint it ? [/edit]

Because the new type 1 Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer DLLs have 2 different folders (RTMQFE and RTMGDR) and we should keep only one for integration, according to M$:

MS05-014: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer

Starting with MS05-014, security updates for Internet Explorer 6.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1) contain software updates that have been released since MS04-004 and MS04-025. However, these updates are installed only on systems that have to have them. To verify whether a system has to have the software updated that has been released since MS04-004 and MS04-025, the installer examines the value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\QFEInstalled. If the value is 1, the installer copies the RTMQFE files to your computer. If the value data is 0 or is missing, the installer copies the RTMGDR files to your computer.
Edited by Bilou_Gateux

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I read that link that discusses the RDM and QFE and it left me extremely puzzled. Is there someone that can put that in layman's terms?

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Reading the part that Bilou posted about those RDM and QFE i would assume that the QFE folder has more fixes into it for things that are new, apart from IE6 without SP1 or something. Anyways, i'll go on with my tiny 'test' to check wether my problem is in the type 1 hotfixes or type 2.

And for Bilou, i am generating a new old-to-new hotfix list soon and its easy to integrate in a batchfile check. maybe i should post it afterwards, when i have finished it and its done ;)

Good night to you all...im a bit sleepy after all this integrating and testing stuff (well,today i hadnt had the time to slipstream and so on...but tomorrow i will) I've got my new image ready for launch and will install it on a Workstation tomorrow :)

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GDR versus QFE

I tried to find out what they stand for. Golly, searching the web-at-large, all

led back to various MSoft update notices! Did find a nice article about

update exe here; http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn...t/winupdte.mspx

As near as I can get, it seems that if a rollup finds fixes that were applied since the previous rollup, it deletes them and replaces files with the ones in the new

rollup, unless the key is set. If the ket IS set, then it (RE) applies hot fix files

that were released between the previous rollup and the new rollup.

Why the new rollup doesn't BY DEFAULT replace with all newer files is confusing as H***! Gotta leave for a Sarbanes-Oxley 3-day (kill me now) so no time to delve deeper. (Unless this is about NOT replacing with newer files when an older ver of a program is installed like IE6 v/s IE6 sp1)

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hmmm...in short terms...i can conclude the following (?) :

IE6 (SP1) Installed ==> QFE

IE6 (SP1) Not installed ==> GDR

I'll try my slipstream out right now using the GDR (as i am going to try all hot fix type 1's )


I don't know if you've already done this...but i think you should adjust your batchfile for the win2k stuff..

when your going to use those GDR / QFE, you should use your !DOIE! check to determine which folder to use :)

Hmm... reading the batch file, or let me say, re-memorising it, and reading Bilou's part about the Februar KB file...i think your 'bandaid' ain't correct anymore.

It appears to be that the files from xpsp2 binary are copied AFTER all hotfixes have been extracted, which means that there will always be that file (+version especially) in your system, even though that KB bilou mentioned has later versions.

I think you should put an if exist xpsp2 check after each hotfix so you'll always have the latest files in your system/cd. If i'm wrong please correct me and tell me why, im always fond of suggestions and feedback :thumbup


Those new SHLWAPI.DLL files and so on, are they located in the "root" directory of the hotfix, or are they being extracted in another folder (like xpsp2binarydrop) ?

[edit] Here's a bit of a strange part..

when i've extracted all of the HF1 fixes, i only see a QFE folder :whistle: I think thats because i do have some HF1 for IE6SP1. No GDR maps for me...so, no files will be copied after all :rolleyes:

i do have an XPSP2binarydrop folder, from which i do am copying the files, cause i think its not part of IE6(sp1) hotfixes.

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SHLWAPI.DLL from 841356 details:


version 5.0.3900.6969 for users still using IE5.01SPx from original 2K source with SPx






Install these files if IE501 RTM, SP1, SP2, SP3 or SP4 is still on the system


version 6.0.2750.167 for users who have upgraded to no longer available IE6 a long time ago


Install these files if IE6 RTM is on the system "Version" "6.0.2600.0000"


version 6.0.2800.1584 for users who have upgraded to latest available IE6SP1


Install these files if IE6 SP1 is on the system "Version" "6.0.2800.1106"

To integrate IE6SP1 binary files into 2K source, we have to use xpsp2_binarydrop\shlwapi.dll

This HotFix was released in mid' 2004.

This specific DLL has been superceeded by the February 2005 cumulative security update 867282 which include a more recent shlwapi.dll

You don't have to bother about these 841356 different shlwapi.dll, just skip it and only use the more recent which comes with each new cumulative security update for IE6SP1.

Edited by Bilou_Gateux

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Thanks for the info. Was not busy with the integration those last couple of days. I know am getting this error everytime i am integrating stuff...

NTOSKERNEL32.DLL error and an NTDLL.DLL error which says that this file has been put into the memory by the cause of ntoskernel.dll.

Im dutch, so i cant put the 'english ' version here. I'll translate it when i see that error message again :(

does anyone has an idea what this could be ? I integrate using the hotfixes in the way i installed them on a clean pc.

Maybe i should first integrate IESP1 and then continue with these fixes, cause i have first installed a clean win2k, then i updated to sp4, then to ie6 sp1 and then i gained all these hotfixes.

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< removed >

I have applied all hotfixes for now to my Win 2k. This is excluding:


IE6SP1 + fixes


I'll first try to get to work what i've just made, so i do know how to handle.

I now have some sort of critical problem with the following fixes (old to new)

KB891711 - fix win 2k (website?)

KB840987 - same as above

KB841533 - same as above

KB835732 - ^^

Q329115 - security update for Q329115

I had some problems with NTDLL.DLL en KERNEL.DLL

All of those hotfixes got the KERNELL.DLL within and KB835732 also got NTDLL.DLL.

When i slipstream those hotfixes (in the old to new order), then i CAN get windows to install all the stuff. But after the installation, when i login i get the message "Cant locate 175 coördinate in USERENV.DLL" (or something like that, but then in Dutch).

This has to do something with the hotfixes above, cause without those hotfixes everyone works just fine.

But i still have the problem that Windows Update claims about all those hotfixes. another ps (also located in a new topic of mine), those CAT files, are they being used or is it just something worthless ? I don't see any results of them. Hotfix still appears in WU.

Maybe i should create such a reg file after all and stick to that..

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@tommyp and Bilou_Gateux

I am still having the same problem as from the first attempt made.

The install goes wonderfully, except that during the "final tasks" stage, I get

an error message that a file is not digitaly signed. The more info button

says the file is IEINFO5.OC_ and I have to click on continue .

I backed tracked from my original file set untill I have the following sequence

Win2k pro vol lic Cd

Slipstream SP4

IE6 sp1 as downloaded from M$ site (not using my IEAK'd setup)

Applying ONLY DX9c and IE6

extracted IE.in_, msoe50.in_, etc from a download of XP xp1a.

Only use the setupapi.dl_ and sfc.dl_ from FDV's site. None of his other stuff.

(I don't like turning off SFC but hoped it would kill that D*** msg)

This is a s clean as it gets - ain't it?

I also apply all sec updates by using the svcpack.

Also, in testing this I have run hfNEtchk on the resulting build. It tells me that

five of the files have invalid checksums (but expected version). WU and qfechk are happy. the 5 files (even after re-applying updates) are

cryptdlg.dll, ntvdm.exe, user32.dll, ole32.dll, msadce.dll

Any ideas what the heck I am doing wrong?

Bilou_Gateux I am not clear on your procedure but I need to re-read this thread

when I still have a couple of working brain cells. (been a long day).


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Extract the IESETUP.DL_ from the xpsp1 cd and place it in the "FIX" folder and rerun the cmd file. Or you can just extract the IESETUP.DL_ and place it in the slipstreamed source (sourcess folder).

Also, no need to add additional files into the SVCPACK folder, all you need is the HFINFS folder setup per the instructions. The cmd file takes care of the rest.

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Sorry, but already have said dll. Just left it out of original msg (brevity).

Do not have XP sp1 DO have XP sp1a CD and used it the first three go-rounds.

My XP sp1a disk is a Dell oem.

My vol lic XP CD is RTM version, and my vol lic 2K CD is SP2 (i think).

Thinking there might be something odd with the oem files, or you really are using sp1 files, I tried the ones from the service pack.

My reason for doing the updates in the svcpack is because I have had this problem from the start and wanted to reduce other factors (relating to the slipstream).

One more test I haven't tried....

I will build a disk with NOTHING but but IE6 slipstreamed, and test it - will report back shortly.

edit -Same problem with file not signed. (no patches, but no bad chksums)

Will build from non integrated source to verify that it works and

assuming it does will run your batch without even the ie integration.

btw, i always get this (i ASSumed it was not a real problem):

Could Not Find E:\w2ksp4IE6\HFFILES.TXT

Could Not Find E:\w2ksp4IE6\HFFLDRFEXP.TXT

'FILECASE' is not recognized as an internal or external command

Did I assume wrong?

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New download available. Removed the need for files from an XP cd. Constructive criticism appreciated.

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tommyp first of all I'm seriously impressed with your batch file its very very good.

When I slipstreamed IE6 into win2k SP4, the operation seems to work sucessfully. However, during the process, I noticed some "Could Not Find" errors during the hotfix part of the process. Is this normall?

Here's a screenshot of a small portion of the errors:


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I get those errors too, it's nothing to be alarmed about. The reason why there are errors is that it's trying to delete non-existing "dummy" file(s). I guess if I have the echo turned off then you won't see anything, but then again, it's nice to see something happening on the screen at the same time. Did you try out the slipstreamed folder?

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Did you try out the slipstreamed folder?

Thanks for the reply. No I havn't tried it yet because I want to add some unattended install options to it first. I'll do it later.

I'm glad you did leave echo on. I agree its good to see whats going on :)

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