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HOTFIXES: Windows XP SP2 & Windows 2000 SP4

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@Incroyable HULK

Typo error on last Windows 2000/XP Hotfixes. Correct:

KB873339 = MS04-043: Vulnerability in HyperTerminal could allow code execution

What we actually can read:

Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel and LSASS could allow elevation of privilege

Erreur de Copier-Coller :D

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Okay, I must of missed something here. I used the /integrate switch on 3 of the 5 hotfixes last night but Windows Update says I need them installed. Which would indidcate they didn't get installed. I noticed on the first page of the thread a line about using svcpack.inf to run the hotfixes. So, what syntax other than /Q /N /Z would I use? If I follow the method for post SP1 hotfixes I would specify the path to the actual hotfix file. But, logically, if I integrated the hotfixes, why would I need to specify them in the svcpack.inf file, too. Microsoft's website documentation is not too clear on this point. Can someone post what their svcpack.inf now looks like if they use the /integrate switch?

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Signature="$WINDOWS NT$"
KB886185.exe /q /n /z
KB885836.exe /q /n /z
KB885835.exe /q /n /z
KB873339.exe /q /n /z
KB885626.exe /q /n /z
KB834707.exe /q /n /z

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Okay, I see what it did. It created a svcpack directory with the .cat files and renamed all the hotfix files. But that should be in the one I did yesterday but the hotfixes didn't integrate. I am trying it again right now.

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Okay, it worked this time! :P The only difference was that I added qchain and update.exe to the directory, but didn't specify them in the svcpack.inf file. This is a nicer way of slipstreaming hotfixes! :whistle:


Okay, I double checked the directory structure for my unattended build from last night and the the run history of the Start Menu. The reason it didn't work the first time was that I specified the wrong target directory for the /integrate switch so that the directory structure was incorrect for the burned CD. Oops. :blushing:

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KB889293 -› Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer

Download -› 2.9 MB (December 1, 2004)

Switches: KB889293.exe /passive /norestart /quiet

Shouldn't this be either /passive or /quiet?

Unattended installs should probably also include /n (unless you plan on a rollback to the middle of your unattended setup :} )

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Another point about KB889293 -- if you're building a stock corporate build, you might instead need KB889669 to match your 2800.1106 IE.

My results showed a 889293 in Add/Remove and in Hotfix /L, but IE failed to show it and V5 windowsupdate still suggested I download it.

Anyway, if you're rolling 2800.1106, use the KB889669 replacement.

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I'm running windows 2000 professional and wanted to know if 823353 is replaced by 887797, and if I should install 889293 or 889669 seeing IE6 SP1 has a version of 6.0.2800.1106.

These are the hotfixes I will be installing
















889293 or 889669 ?

887797 replaces 823353 ?



Script 5.6 v5.6.0.8825

There is some missing because I can use easy work arounds for them, like blocking ports or disalbing services etc.

Also is it necessary to install MSXML 4.0 SP2 and MDAC 2.8 ? seeing windows 2000 comes with MDAC 2.5 and IE6 SP1 has MSXML 3.0.

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