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Notepad Replacement


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how is life as a mod
Thanks for asking.

It's actually time consuming, I'm trying to read all new posts [and there are lots] make sure people don't put in war3z links, pron, profanity, insults, flames etc.

But on the bright side, I get to know most of the MSFN members who frequent 9x forums, and my PM box capacity just quadrupled. ;)

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PFE is ok i just prefer metapad because it doesnt have as much stuff i dont need.

how is life as a mod


I completely agree with you on the MetaPad and PFE is TOO much. Besides the Font style and size are very restrictive in PFE.

I went back and re-ran the UnOfficialWin98SE_SP2.1a and unchecked every item and then checked MetaPad for install. Voila!! MetaPad is back again, and I plan on saving the full list of files in a protected area just incase some other program replaces it again.

Just an IDEA 4U 2 try,

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Greetings Jaqie,

My only reason for posting was to let others know of how to regain the one, "MetaPad," that came with the last version of 'UnOfficialWin98SE_SP2.1A'.

My favorite is 'EditPad' by JGSOFT website http://www.EditPadLite.com and is FREE. Will open any size file and any number of files using TABS like FireFox.

I would also like to apologize for the posting I did in the Introduce yourself threading. At that time I had so much on my mind that I was not thinking straight. If there are any specifics you wish to address let me know and we may discuss this. You may send me a PM if you would prefer.

And still have a need to get back to that project of updating my system so I can attempt the "98SE2XP" again as it did not work correctly the first time.

I do send you my APOLOGY and wish you all of the happyness over the coming Holidays,

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While it may not fit your bill, I thought a quick flyby post denoting how much I love notepad++ would be in order for anyone searching for an alt. notepad.

I also love Notepad++ and use it everyday, but... it's not a "notepad" replacement.

It has too many menu and sub menus to be a notepad. Some poeple think that notpad is to write code and the more developer function there are the best is the "notepad". No a notepad is a note handler. It's for text.

Not for editing programs.

IMO the most important is that notepad launch fast and offer a maximum space for visibility and have easy, one-click commands.

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I have to say Notepad2 is great i didn't like the 2 so i removed them all

with resource hacker.Now i have a Notepad.exe

Pfe.exe is great too but its for advance users

i only use it as a notepad the other stuff is out of my league.

Now i'm debating on the both because they are both advanced and i only use it as

a notepad.exe to make reg files etc...

I guess there will never be no basic notepad.exe

here is the old one that was fixed by someone on the forum


it just needs it icon change to the one from WinXP

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I've used nearly all the 'notepad-replacements' suggested above, and my personal favorite is EditPlus. It's not free, but it somehow 'clicked' with me.

So, my suggestion is to just download them all, try them one-by-one, and settle with the one that suits you best.

There's no "one-size-fits-all" solution here.

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I tried NotepadEx, and I think I like it. I'm very sensitive to change, though, so it'll take some getting used to.

I disabled the status bar, the automatic wrapping, and automatic indentation. Then it works exactly like Notepad. One small complaint, though: just like the original Notepad, when you try to save a file with an extension that isn't registered, it'll always append .txt

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