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Google's Goal is?


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I just have been reading a lot of blogs and the site called gmail-is-to-creepy. Well is insteresting though their policy is weird anyway i seen their production

the most popular one gmail that everyone got excited to get a gmail account

now something about GBrowser based on mozilla browser as they say

and now another rumor GooOS

Google operative system :-X

I think I predict a

google IM

google irc client

google ftp


what is google goal? besides to be famous :D

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No No No ... You folks got it all wrong. Did you ever see Brain "Just earn money" or dominate one thing. Of course not. I think Pinky died off and Brain is incharge of his own things, which would be Google.

Yes thats it folks, Brain is slowly but surely taking over the world with Google. First the IT area, THEN THE WORLD ... MWA HAHAH.


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Googlesoft... The new dark cobal that controls everything...

1. Microsoft claims to have the mostest-awesomest search engine that's being developed for longhorn and their website, etc..

2. Google Desktop Search is being beta tested (I don't know about you people but when your searching 800+ GB, this is a must have :) )

3. Microsoft hasn't done a great deal of development of IE latley... A Gbrowser would be a clever way around those pesky Antitrust suits :whistle:

3. Microsoft is pushing Google's products intheir partner pack.

Robin Williams

In Gates we trust.

Mr Gates when did you realise you were creating a monopoly.

Monopoly's just a game senator, I'm trying to control the f**king world.

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