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    names=request.Form(names) arr = Split(names, "," ) for loopCounter = 0 to ubound(arr) response.write ("Hello " & arr(loopCounter) next this "should" work. It takes your TEXTAREA and Splits it up using the comma as the delimiter. Then after the array has been made it will loop through the array till the last member (ubound) has been reached. Hope this helps
  2. Unattended Website Additions

    Whew ... I am back and I am glad to see this thread starting. When I first started making a uA, I relied heavily on the forums. I only refered to the site for minor things. But here goes my first suggestion. ----IDEA 1---- The 1,2,3 steps that are current, are not up to date. There is software out there now (nLite, XPcreate, xplode, etc) that make it much easier to make the persons first uA. Basically there should be a quick guide using specific software. I would definately mention an organization of folders as well. Its mentioned somewhere on the site but within the quick guide would be a GREAT idea. Windows_uA_Stuff -XP_Orig_CD -XP_uA --OEM and so forth. Organization is very important as I have found out so yeah ... I hope you stress it too. --IDEA 2---- Take any links that refer to the Forum and organize it for the site itself. I really dont like reading through mindless posts that have no informational value, just there to take time reading. --IDEA 3-- Picture is worth a thousand words ... and in some cases very informational. Tells the person they are on the right track and so on. So on a step by step basis ... take pictures. --IDEA 4-- uA isnt all about getting application switchs and what so not anymore. There are the pretty aspects such as the setup screen (WINNTBBU.DLL) and other stuff posted Giving Your Windows Cosmetic Surgery --IDEA 5-- Kinda coming from IDEA 4. Those stickys ... if they are so important ... put them on the site. I hope this helps get the noodle going and I hope you can organize this in a fashion that noobs and advanced users alike will enjoy going through the site. Obvious alot of reading and writing and rewriting is ahead ... good luck and ask for help when you need it.
  3. [DEFINITIVE] Half-Life 2 Chat/Thread

    If you like counterstrike you may want to get it. But I think valve did a horrible job putting this game together. Sure it looks pretty ... but I see some major flaws. 1) No multiplayer. And if you say CS:Source is multiplayer, hit yourself on the head. Half Life the original had Half Life multiplayer with Half Life guns and a mod called Counterstrike with Counterstrike guns. Half Life 2 has no multiplayer. 2) I doubt they beta tested this game as much as they should have let alone prepared to take on the world to register their games all at the same time. This doubt comes into play as I notice not just within my own gaming system but all across the Half Life 2 related forums on the net. People are having severe problems with Audio // Video stuttering. A supposed fix is to come out Nov 23. As for Valve and their great invention STEAM ... well good idea, I just wish when I buy a game (the day it is released) I can play it. In my circumstance it wasnt till a day later until I could register my game so I could play single player. Good idea ... but there is already a warez version for the single player that works 100% with no problems a day before the game was even released in stores, so why should we the consumer suffer a delay in playing a game we purchased due to a security precation that obviously failed. Anyway back on topic ... their servers were swamped and I had to wait a day to play the much anticipated game ... very upsetting And another thing about the retail version. It requires the CD/DVD in the drive in order to play the game, while the people who bought the game using STEAM get to enjoy a CD/DVD less environment. I understand it has to deal with some court issues but ... this should have been thought of way before this game was released. 3) The game itself seemed extremely short and the storyline seemed weaker than the original Half Life, but I am gonna go back and play Half Life to hopefully prove myself wrong. But it just feels like this game had less thought into it as the original. Ok lets recap. Buggy, Activation Issues (supposed security), Retail CD/DVD usage, Game had less thought put into it. Oh and ... NO MULTIPLAYER! That is the original reason I bought the original. I loved the multiplayer way before MODs such as DOD, CS, and NS became so big. Overall I suggest a wait till the game gets an overhaul with updates and maybe some mods. I am to understand there is a Multiplayer mod coming out soon ... I think the maps are the issue right now. It's your choice ... I personally am upset at the release and I wasnt even hyped up for the game. I bought it cause I know its gonna be the talk of the town at the next lan party ... I wanna fit in after all
  4. I doubt its possible, but is there a way to integrate a webserver with ASP, PHP, XML, ect ect ... basically have an all in one web server? If so how, if not just confirm my doubts. Thanks
  5. HL2 who cares...

    See the whole thing about games is not to get excited. I used to get excited and have that big let down, then I learned hey dont get excited ... It has worked so far, well except for those instances I forgot about the game I got excited about and probably lost out on a good game. Oh well saved some money
  6. Google's Goal is?

    No No No ... You folks got it all wrong. Did you ever see Brain "Just earn money" or dominate one thing. Of course not. I think Pinky died off and Brain is incharge of his own things, which would be Google. Yes thats it folks, Brain is slowly but surely taking over the world with Google. First the IT area, THEN THE WORLD ... MWA HAHAH. HAIL BRAIN!
  7. Best music ever

    Something tells me someone listened to that a bit more than I did
  8. Best music ever

    http://www.angrymonkey.net/putfileshere/thellamasong.swf Going on 1 hour 15 mins of listening to this, wonder exactly how long it will take for myslef to become crazy
  9. My father and myself do stuff like that for free ... well sometimes we get a good job let me take you out to dinner offers or something like that. As for corporate, hell I work at 9 an hour and do stuff like that which isnt even in my job descritipion. Use common sense and be fair ... if the job is to easy give them a break. Then again this is my town ... lots of tech people around.
  10. Should Microsoft do a complete recode of Windows?

    I personally say yes. You ask why ... cause Microsoft can. If they can build a better OS at an effective price ... why not? Its not like they cant keep support for their current OS's.
  11. How Long have you gone without sleeping?

    Now thats funny. I dont sleep for 2 days and then sleep for about 8 to 12 hours and ready for another 2 days, really odd sleeping pattern or so I am told by my doctors. As for my record of 4 or 5 days ... week long lan party. Had to sleep a couple of hours the last day so I could drive home ... felt like I was drunk, or maybe I was?
  12. UNattended Utilities install

    For starters here is a list of silent installs http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=12657 Searching through it you will find the silent install of ad-aware. Modified below is the filename of your choice with the content that will silently install with a double click of that .bat or .cmd if you wish to know more about COMMAND PROMT commands go http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=ST&f=70&t=10253 http://aumha.org/a/batches.htm hope this helps a bit.
  13. Girlsnmotors ~ my website

    @prathapml There is a sticky at top you should mention that allows posting of sites within it ... not posting a new thread. @vwmadgirl (if ya still around) peach color background strains my eyes ... dunno if anyone else has that problem. Thought I would throw my 2 cents in there.
  14. What Does This Mean.... Game Has Been Leaked?

    and to add to #3, game releasers also "inocently" get their games "leaked" and then have to push back the release date *COUGH* HL2 *COUGH*.
  15. pirate software, why?

    To an extent the old days of IT are dying but new ones are being reborn dont ya think (probably not as fast as it should)? If it is dying, I am not too worried ... along side with my ping pong playing nights, I also do some mechanics and carpentry ... I got my back covered just in case IT fails me PS - Debate all you like ... my cat will keep chasing that butterfly.