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[Release]: XPize (Off Topic)


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sorry guys. i was very busy last few days.

thank you yergling for making the german version

sorry XPero for not replying in instant messenger, but i wasnt at my desk

if XPize is to be updated again im sure i can make these changes then

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I just downloaded the Dutch version, and opened it with WinRAR to browse it through. Some bugs I would like to mention:

Extras\Control Panel Applet

Thumbs.db > I don't see any use for this file.

Lees mij.txt > Please rename it to Leesmij.txt :)

Lees mij.txt > Second line, "vernader" should be "verander".

Readme.txt > Don't know why there's an English version of the readme in the Dutch pack...


Readme.txt > Same, no use for it as there's already a Dutch leesmij.txt

Extras\Special Folders

Thumbs.db > Same.

Hulp ap.ico > Should be "Hulp map.ico".

Nlite mpa.ico > Should be "Nlite map.ico".

Readme.txt > Same.


Readme.txt > Might wanna consider translating that :)

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Chris Kite (creator of Flyakite shell pack) contacted me some days ago. He will help me on doing an installer/unistaller for XPize, so installation will be easier for people who don't want to reinstall Windows or people who aren't familiarized with custom XP installations. It also will solve file versions and language problems.

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i just thougt about making an installer to get xpize onto a running windows xp system

i am currently looking the installer.zip

so the new bmps are just great - i allready got royale theme to my unattended installation - so it would be a nice extra *gg*

ahhhh i see you used a replacer script to get the files to the system

so if (far far far away) no xpice classic pack is beeing released the guys can use replacer to get the files in the running config

have fun


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Noticed your signature logo and thought I would give it a go, so I went through the process of making a XP SP2 unattended CD (though this one wasnt unattended to save creation time) and I must say, ran it on Virtual PC 2004, and I am very very impressed ;)

The qaulity is fantastic, and it really is an enhancement to the OS (though you missed a couple :whistle: )

Its sure to go in all my fully unattended CDs made in future :lol:

A great effort well appriciated :thumbup

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