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  1. no problem its smaller its faster its more stable its used in companys find some other reasons i will try it out *gg*
  2. [Release] XPize 4.6 RC

    hallo i just updated my xp dvd and i got it manage to wait with the integration of wmp11, ie7 and rdp6 so i think there will be an update this week and we will see how it is working so thanks from germany yergling
  3. remote desktop 6.0

    not only the icon there is rdp 6.0 support of course and an other logon process - different way to save usernames and passwords nearly all icons of rdp client have changed and some settings ar also different yes i startet "japanese studies" at the university and have a lot of other work - so time is rare since the last 6 months - but i still have a look at the german forum yergling
  4. remote desktop 6.0

    hallo together i saw the updated remote desktop client at the university this morning so what will happen, if i first install the new rd client and than xpize is xpize allready working with the 6.0 version ??? thanks yergling
  5. [Release] XPize MCE 4.3

    hello xpero nice one but i see some buttons at the installer and i dont know if there are new switches so is there a switch for "xpize settings in control panel" or "xpize oem branding" - because i need those options on only some systems but the company systems must remaint OEM'ed like they are so post if there are new installation switches thanks yergling EDIT: a second question - with xpize 4.2 and asian language support my shell32.dll got 21.4mb (custom logos) and now with xpize 4.3 it has only 11.4mb (costum logos) - where the hell are the other 10mb - what is the difference in changing shell32.dll ???
  6. [Release] XPize 4.2 MCE

    everything working fine here but @xpero: you changed the path for the final files to be switched at next reboot everytime next to the file beeing swiched so in older versions all new files are collected in %SYSTEMDRIVE%\WINDOWS\XPIZE\NEWFILES\ - but now you can find a SHELL32.DLL.XPIZE next to SHELL32.DLL in SYSTEM32 before rebooting that makes some small trouble with the integration of ci (corporate identity) but everything is fine now i encountered no errors and also the addons are working fine - in all versions i tested until now (server, RIS-workstation (domain environment) and home workstations) so best regards from germany thanks yergling
  7. [Release] XPize 4.2 MCE

    hallo xpero great work will integrate xpize in all unattended install folders this evening (not really integrating, but silent install) hope you have fixed many bugs short report will follow here thanks yergling
  8. Okay so I have xpize with 128x128 icon support.

    i think i can only say "xpize settings" run this tool and change icon size thanks yergling
  9. Remove Luna theme with nLite

    i don't know i think lite version functions are discribed on website ok if you want to get royale theme with first logon than rip the royale theme from a running mce or xpize machine - get it in $OEM$ files to be copied to new install and use this reg tweak via batch file REG ADD HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ThemeManager /F /V DllName /D "%SystemRoot%\Resources\Themes\Royale\Royale.msstyles" REG ADD HKU\.DEFAULT\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ThemeManager /F /V DllName /D "%SystemRoot%\Resources\Themes\Royale\Royale.msstyles" you can also use HKCU if you want only for current user !!! have fun yergling
  10. Remove Luna theme with nLite

    ok i think so if you removed the luna theme only and not the theme support than it will work xpize is setting royale as default after installation, but you can use registry settings also please read the thing with the xpize bug that a file named "lund.msstyles" is not renamed to "royale.msstyles" in this forum - than you can create an unattended solution regkey is also displayed here in forum i think - if not i have a look thanks yergling
  11. New animation request

    i have also an infrared problem in my device manager the only unpatched icon is the infrared controller - it has still the 16 color icon, but i know that irclass.dll has been patched successfully can make a shot if you do not know what i mean thanks yergling
  12. [Final] XPize 4.0 MCE

    hallo xpero first pcs at my work have xpize 4 users are liking it much more than 3.2 so i think everything is well done
  13. [Final] XPize 4.0 MCE

    hallo xpero will try it out in the next days have a lack of time at the moment but nice work - install is fine - just need to integrate in all install sources thanks yergling
  14. [ann] lack of updates & support

    keep on working, but take the time you need your work is really great i am using theese packs since the beginning and i can imagine the "huge" amount of data to produce these packs so i am awaiting the next versions and the new web presentation cu yergling
  15. XPize 4.0 MCE RC

    hallo xpero installer worked fine - i will need a bit fine tuning for my dvd version - but everything is ok best are the switches - this is really great !!! i found an small error on the downloadpage - there ist written 5th of august instead of 5th of september - but this is not important nice work yergling